China easing gaming crackdown?

China easing gaming crackdown? In Amit and I’s presentation about video game regulation, we briefly discussed China’s gaming regulatory regime. China has some of the strictest video game regulation in the world. As discussed in class last week, China restricts the amount of time minors can play video games, with youth gamers only being able to play […]

Feldrake For Free An interesting development on the in-game purchases front. Per the linked article, World of Warcraft is now offering a once rare “mount” (in this case a dragon named Feldrake) for free. Previously, players had paid thousands of real-world dollars to obtain Feldrake. There is a whole background about a defunct trading system that was […]

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New Tech? Potentially exciting news for the technophiles in the class – according to the linked article, Hideo Kojima (the creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear) announced that his new video game will be like a “new medium”. Following the theme of convergence of mediums, he apparently stated that the new technology will change both […]

Bill 96

While working on a matter involving a Quebec based corporation this past summer, I came across Bill 96. The Bill, adopted in May by Québec’s National Assembly, amends the Charter of the French Language. It will increase requirements for businesses to communicate with employees in French among many other restrictions. While working on the matter […]

Overwatch 2 DDoS

Overwatch 2 DDoS

As of Tuesday (October 4, 2022), players of the popular game “Overwatch 2” have been unable to access the games online servers (see The issue has been attributed to a mass distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. The attack is executed by maliciously flooding servers with traffic to prevent others from connecting. I was […]