Bill 96

While working on a matter involving a Quebec based corporation this past summer, I came across Bill 96. The Bill, adopted in May by Québec’s National Assembly, amends the Charter of the French Language. It will increase requirements for businesses to communicate with employees in French among many other restrictions.

While working on the matter in the summer, I did not realize the large impact this Bill is likely to have on Canada’s video game industry. Many of Canadas largest video game companies are headquartered in Quebec, with over 11,000 people employed, generating nearly $1.75 billion in revenue each year (

According to CBC, many of those workers are hired from abroad and do not speak French. Some are considering leaving to Provinces like Ontario or BC, where the video game industry is growing. This Bill may have broad implications on how the Video Game industry develops in Canada.

In the meantime, The Task Force on Linguistic Policy has announced recently they will be challenging several of the bill’s requirements on constitutional grounds, including, it appears, those impacting businesses. ( It will be interesting to keep an eye on any litigation surrounding the Bill as it develops.