News of the Week; July 1, 2020

GAMES Newzoo: There will be over 3 billion gamers by 2023 Report: Games market to generate $159 billion in 2020 (Newzoo) Global games market value to reach $159bn in 2020: Revenue and audience growth booms in Africa, Middle East, and Latin America Roblox hacked by Trump supporters: More than a thousand users’ profiles changed, telling […]

News of the Week; June 24, 2020

GAMES Class action lawsuit brought against Apple over loot boxes: Loot boxes are indisputably gambling under California law, argues 100-member lawsuit Starting in July, iOS games will require gov’t approval to launch on China’s App Store California court dismisses Magic Leap lawsuit against competitor Nreal Magic Leap’s lawsuit against competitor Nreal thrown out of court: […]

News of the Week; June 17, 2020

GAMES Judge rejects defence theory of ‘gaming consciousness’ and convicts man of Marpole murders Federal Court Affirms Activision’s First Amendment Rights In Using Humvees in ‘Call Of Duty’ Game Activision investigating after Modern Warfare update goes rogue on Xbox Nintendo issues cease-and-desist for Switch modchip installation service Nintendo Cryptically Points Out That Selling ‘Animal Crossing’ Assets For […]

News of the Week; June 10, 2020

GAMES Ubisoft Alleges Rainbow Six Siege Infringement by Sony fined $3.5 million for issuing ‘misleading’ refund advice to PlayStation users Investors argue against excessive pay package for Activision CEO Activision Blizzard shareholders upset over CEO Bobby Kotick’s compensation: Publisher defends Kotick’s pay despite his “apparent failure” to meet performance targets UK government calls for […]

News of the Week; June 3, 2020

GAMES Keepin’ It Real: Courts Recognize the Legitimate Goal of Video Game Makers Something on Which Even Patent Litigators Can Agree: McRO v. Bandai, Inc. Clarifies the Framework for Enablement Challenges and for Enablement Defenses EB Games Australia admits to misleading customers over Fallout 76 refunds EB Games offers refunds for Fallout 76: Retailer admits to Australian […]

News of the Week; May 27, 2020

GAMES Manchester United sues Sega over Football Manager trademark use: Sega and developer Sports Interactive reply that club’s name, logo have been used since 1992 “without complaint” Rainbow Six: Siege clone Area F2 has been taken offline following lawsuit from Ubisoft The Last of Us Part 2 reportedly banned in the Middle East: Upcoming hit […]

News of the Week; May 20, 2020

GAMES Nintendo sues Switch hack resellers in ongoing fight against Team Xecutor: Platform holder continues to crack down on groups enabling pirated games to run on its console With new Switch-hacking tech looming, Nintendo targets retailers Nintendo notes COVID-19 is delaying Switch production, might hit game development Ubisoft suing Google and Apple for selling Rainbow Six: […]

News of the Week; May 13, 2020

GAMES Nintendo files lawsuit barrage to take down Super Mario 64 PC port A year of Riot’s diversity and inclusivity efforts mean it now employs 1% more women: And US operations have 1% more underrepresented minorities Riot “can’t solve society” but commits to combatting player abuse in Valorant: “Harassment and bullying in games is not a status […]

News of the Week; May 6, 2020

GAMES Microsoft facing controller drift suit: Plaintiff in class-action suit says Xbox One controllers have problems with faulty analog sticks Who Owns the Ink? Billy Mitchell suing Twin Galaxies over disqualified Donkey Kong scores: Former record holder asserts leaderboard site “at least implied [that he was a cheater]” Billy Mitchell takes his Donkey Kong high-score cheating case […]

News of the Week; April 29, 2020

GAMES Coronavirus-themed game pulled from Steam in China: Coronavirus Attack developed in protest against Chinese government Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert attracts more than 12 million concurrent players Travis Scott’s In-Game ‘Fortnite’ Concert Nabs 12.3 Million Concurrents, Shattering All-Time Record Fortnite’s Travis Scott event reached 27.7m unique players: Updated figures show Epic’s playerbase took part in […]

News of the Week; April 22, 2020

GAMES Selena Gomez suing fashion game makers for using likeness without permission Selena Gomez suing Chinese mobile publisher over using her likeness: Singer says she did not agree to appear in Clothes Forever – Styling Game, decries “unsavoury” microtransactions Infinity Ward updates matchmaking in Call of Duty to bring cheaters together NBA 2K Avoids Tattoo Copyright Infringement […]

News of the Week; April 15, 2020

GAMES In Legal Warfare Over HUMVEE Trademarks, the First Amendment Goes Beyond the Call of Duty in Dismissing AM General’s Claims Judge Daniels: Video Game “Call of Duty” Is Allowed to Feature Humvees Call of Duty streamer accidentally fires gun on-air, lands Twitch ban: Glock and awe. Chinese Government Bans ‘Animal Crossing’ After Hong Kong Gamers Stage […]

News of the Week; April 8, 2020

GAMES Activision scores First Amendment victory in Humvee trademark lawsuit Activision has a First Amendment right to use Humvees in Call of Duty Humvee Can’t Stop Depictions of Its Vehicles in the ‘Call of Duty’ Videogame–AM General v. Activision Blizzard (Eric Goldman) Activision Permabans 50,000 Players Amid Rampant ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ Cheating Xbox architect sues […]

News of the Week: April 1, 2020

GAMES ‘NBA 2K’ Publisher Beats Copyright Suit Over LeBron James’ Tattoos: In a landmark decision on the tatto a federal judge rules that Take-Two’s depiction was de minimus and that an implied license was granted. Judge Swain: Depicting NBA Players’ Tattoos in Video Game Is “Fair Use” Court Manages To Get NBA2K Tattoo Copyright, Trademark […]

News of the Week; March 25, 2020

GAMES No Fun and Games: Blizzard Alleges Infringement by JoyFun Inc. High Fashion Invades Runeterra – Fascinating IP Issues in the Collaboration Between League of Legends and Louis Vuitton Nintendo presses Sony to remove Mario creations from Dreams: Sony confirms ongoing case-by-case purge of Nintendo IP from creation game Nintendo Gets ‘Dreams’ Mario Taken Down […]