Video Presentation: Is Streaming Fair Dealing?

Hi everyone! I wrote my final paper on the topic of the legality of streaming. I was originally intended for my presentation to recap the whole issue. Unfortunately, there ended up being a lot more to say than I anticipated. For my presentation, I’ve just provided a brief intro to the issue, then applied the […]

Playing Video Games While Driving?

Hey everyone, Just came across this article about Tesla’s new feature that allows drivers or passengers to play video games in their vehicle. Because of the prevalence of accidents caused by inattentive drivers, having video games in a vehicle accessible to the driver has raised concerns about the possibility that people may be injured or […]

The Law’s New Language?

Hey everyone, I hope your papers are going well. I wanted to share some fascinating research related to legal automation and linguistics that my former professor, Megan Ma, is doing, as I think has some relevance to our course. Her research specifically focuses on the code-ification of legal language, how that diverges from the current […]

False Start: EA Sports College Football Release Date

I figured everyone is likely going through some “News of the Week” withdrawals right now, so I wanted to pass along a funny situation that happened earlier this week. College football reporter Brandon Marcello re-sparked the rumour mill about the potential release date for the EA Sports College Football game last Thursday, tweeting the following: […]

What’s the Point of Video Game NFTs?

It’s fair to say that NFTs are controversial. Depending on where you stand, they’re either a bold new future, a fad, or a pointless scam. Wherever your position, though, there’s not denying that NFTs are a hot commodity. With so many tech start-ups jumping on the NFT bandwagon, it’s not surprising that some of the […]

Video Games in Healthcare: Why I Want My Doctor to Spend More Time Playing Video Games

Hi everyone, I came across a bit of video game news that I found to be quite interesting—especially following the recent presentations that we’ve seen on the “video-gamification” of the world. On December 1, it was announced that we can now purchase “the world’s first video game to be custom designed for a children’s hospital” […]

Freedom of Expression and Avatar Creation

Hi everyone, Here is the presentation video Simran and I (Amy) put together for the class. We discuss Canadian and US considerations of freedom of expression, and its intersection with Avatar creations. Possible exploitative directions sophisticated Avatar customization in video games are explored, and possible protections individuals may have against such exploitation are suggested.   […]

ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Gambling

Hey all, I came across this interesting article about how Disney, who owns ESPN, is planning to move into the sports betting space. This is something that Disney had previously avoided to safeguard its family-friendly brand, but new CEO Bob Chapek has opened the doors to the possibility. As the article notes, a key reason […]