Presentation Outline: Digital Legacies – Examining the State of Digital Assets Upon Death

Have you ever thought about how much “stuff” you own that resides entirely online? Do you attach some sort of real-world value to these assets? Would you feel personal loss if certain digital assets were irretrievably lost? In the event of death – what happens to these digital assets? In this week’s presentation, Ellie, John, […]

News of the Week; November 13, 2019

GAMES Epic is suing another tester for leaking Fortnite Chapter 2 content Another tester is being sued by Epic Games for leaking Fortnite Chapter 2: Keywords Studio employee was fired day after leak, now faces claim for over $85,000 in damages Activision and EA insiders have been profiting from selling stock during buybacks: CEOs Bobby Kotick and […]

Fortnite professional ‘FaZe Jarvis’ has been banned for life by Epic Games for uploading videos of him cheating.

There has been a lot of conversation over the past week over Fortnite’s ban handed to FaZe Jarvis. FaZe Jarvis is a 17-year-old professional Fortnite gamer for the esports organization ‘FaZe Clan’. He decided on making a youtube video, now deleted, showing the unfair advantages hackers and cheaters have when playing this game – and […]

Inside the ESRB

Noclip, a video game documentary series on YouTube, recently released a documentary about the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). This is the first time in ESRB’s 25 year history that they have agreed to allow media to enter their doors. “How Does the ESRB Rate Video Games?” gives a sneak peek inside the offices of […]

News of the Week; November 6, 2019

GAMES Blizzard president gives vague apology for Hong Kong protest response Blizzard president J. Allen Brack apologizes for bungled Hearthstone punishment Hong Kong protesters shine, but don’t quite spark at BlizzCon Blizzard’s substance-less BlizzCon statement speaks volumes | Opinion: Allen Brack’s speech rings hollow as company changes no policies, stands by Hearthstone pro’s ban for supporting Hong […]

Zoe Quinn and the suicide of Alec Holowka

It appears as though Zoe Quinn is back in the news, and is once again receiving backlash. Quinn and another female developer, Albertine Watson, accused Alec Holowka, who was behind Night in the Woods, of emotional and sexual abuse while they were working together several years ago. It appears as though Quinn, after seeing another […]

Exclusive Streaming Contracts with YouTube Live

Streaming sites like YouTube Live and Mixer are using exclusive contracts with popular streamers to increase traffic to their respective platforms.  This week YouTube Live announced that Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, a popular Fortnite gamer will begin to exclusively stream with them beginning on November 5th.  In addition, Lachlan Power has exclusively signed to YouTube Live […]

The Chinese government will now be limiting the amount of time minors under 18 can play video games

As mentioned in class, China is currently the world’s largest gaming market. The government has introduced new guidelines applied to all online gaming platforms operating in the country. They appear to be tackling video game addiction and aimed at creating a “clear internet space” and “protecting the physical and mental health of minors.” Under the […]

Modern Warfare Outperforms Every Call of Duty

Super nostalgic being able to play ‘modern warfare’ once again. Forbes called it: ‘The Best ‘Call Of Duty’ In A Decade’ I got the chance to play it a few times and it lives up to the hype that is circulating around it. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is half prequel, half reboot to the Modern […]

News of the Week; October 30, 2019

GAMES Valve disables container key sales and trades in CS:GO due to rampant fraud ‘Nearly All’ Counter-Strike Microtransactions Are Being Used for Money Laundering: N”early all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced” Valve says. Money laundering prompts Valve to halt CS:GO in-game key sales: “At this […]