News of the Week; December 18, 2019

GAMES Russia’s Rambler Group suing Twitch for $2.8 billion: Internet giant takes takes legal action against streaming service in the region over pirated football broadcasts Twitch facing $2.9 billion lawsuit over broadcast of pirated soccer streams Nreal files motion to dismiss Magic Leap copycat suit Company fined nearly $100k for publishing unapproved game in China: […]

News of the Week; December 11, 2019

GAMES German regulator prompts Valve crackdown on Steam Nazis: Valve pledges to better train moderators after media agency finds dozens of banned symbols, slogans, anti-Semitism Epic Games files preemptive lawsuit against Dancing Pumpkin Man: Fortnite developer responds to cease and desist letter with a lawsuit Epic Games Store implements in-game purchases for third-parties: Developers who […]

News of the Week; December 4, 2019

GAMES Riot Games to pay $10 million in gender discrimination settlement Riot Games to Pay $10 Million to Settle Gender-Discrimination Lawsuit Riot Games offers female employees $10 million in settlement Riot Games to pay out $10m to former employees in gender discrimination settlement: Total will be spread across up to around 1,000 former women employees […]

News of the Week; November 27, 2019

GAMES Blizzard and NetEase win Overwatch copyright lawsuit in China Patent Infringement Suit Over Apex Legends and Anthem The Pokemon Company is suing unknown parties over Sword and Shield leaks The Pokemon Company sues Pokemon Sword and Shield leakers: Unknown US individuals sought for posting early, unreleased images of new Pokemon on Discord, 4chan What happens if loot box regulation passes […]

News of the Week; November 20, 2019

GAMES Game On: FaZe Clan’s $20 Million Lawsuit Against eSports Gamer Will Continue To find new games, more women value social circles, while men look to influencers – Newzoo: More women than men tend to value games that are easy to pick up and play quickly Bobby Kotick: Games are not a platform for my […]

Implications of Forthcoming YouTube Policy Updates on Gaming Content

YouTube is looking to update their policies so as to better differentiate between real-world violence and gaming violence. In her quarterly letter,  the platform’s CEO said the policy changes look to include fewer restrictions on violence in gaming content and matching interested advertisers with ‘edgier content’. The existing policy has seen a crackdown on violent […]

Video Game Machines Ruled as Slot Machines in Pennsylvania

This just in today: the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court recently ruled that video game machines called “Pennsylvania Skill”, manufactured and distributed by Pace-O-Matic (POM) are considered “slot machines” under the state law. The Pennsylvania Crime Code, Title 18 Section 5513, provides that it is illegal to manufacture, set up, sell, lease, or own a “slot machine” […]

Video Game Patent Review Not Time-Barred, Fed. Cir. Says

Key takeaways  Patent challenger never served in infringement case PTAB should determine proper service before review A patent validity challenge at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board wasn’t time-barred because the petitioner was never properly served in a related infringement case, the Federal Circuit ruled. The PTAB should have considered the timeliness of a petition […]

“Sequels”: No More Game Preservation

In today’s class we spoke about the evolution of Video Games, especially encompassing the development of streaming through Google’s Stadia or Xbox’s X Cloud, but what about the development of Video Games themselves? A recent article I read (link below) was discussing Overwatch 2 and highlighted the blurred line between sequels and expansions. Personally, I […]

Presentation Outline: Digital Legacies – Examining the State of Digital Assets Upon Death

Have you ever thought about how much “stuff” you own that resides entirely online? Do you attach some sort of real-world value to these assets? Would you feel personal loss if certain digital assets were irretrievably lost? In the event of death – what happens to these digital assets? In this week’s presentation, Ellie, John, […]

News of the Week; November 13, 2019

GAMES Epic is suing another tester for leaking Fortnite Chapter 2 content Another tester is being sued by Epic Games for leaking Fortnite Chapter 2: Keywords Studio employee was fired day after leak, now faces claim for over $85,000 in damages Activision and EA insiders have been profiting from selling stock during buybacks: CEOs Bobby Kotick and […]