News of the Week; December 2, 2020

GAMES Twin Galaxies attacks Billy Mitchell as a fraud in new legal claims Nicalis issues DMCA against free Cave Story games Subverse developer under fire for partnering with racist YouTuber Arch Supercell cancels Hay Day Pop Supercell shutting down Hay Day Pop after less than a year  ‘As abstract as killing people in a video game,’ doctor […]

Video Games as a Content Creation Tool

Hello fellow gamers, On Dec 02, Chris and I will be presenting on the use of video games in creating videos and streams in various ways. The scope of my part will be on gameplay videos such as let’s play videos or video guides for games and gameplay streaming, the legal implications for such activities, […]

Cyberpunk Solutions to DMCA

Hi everyone! My term paper for video game law is focused on the use of music – both licensed and original – in games, and the copyright regime and DMCA takedown process involved in the sharing and streaming of games online. In researching this, I came across an interesting approach to DMCA strikes taken by […]

News of the Week; November 25, 2020

GAMES Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale question use of likeness in FIFA Mine, Mine, Mine! Nintendo Neuters The Cool Ways People, Groups Are Using ‘Animal Crossing’ Nintendo axes fan-run Smash tournament over online play mod Nintendo orders cancellation of Smash Bros tournament over mod use: The Big House’s first online competition scrapped due to modified Melee that […]

Current Copyright Law … Is It Working?

Hi everyone! Here is my term project on the effectiveness of copyright law – enjoy! Some background: A while back we discussed Jessica Silbey’s book The Eureka Method and her finding that current copyright law does not really reflect how artists work. When reading her book, I found that it focused heavily on artists who […]

News of the Week; November 18, 2020

GAMES Nintendo faces yet another Joy-Con drift lawsuit: An expert analysis noted that the drift is caused by “extensive wear on the pad surface on the interior of the Joy-Con” The dance-off ends: a (partial) resolution to Fortnite’s slurry of copyright lawsuits. Oxford University study finds playing games can positively impact emotional well-being Oxford University […]

News of the Week; November 11, 2020

GAMES Class action lawsuit accuses EA of changing game difficulty to push loot boxes EA faces yet another class-action lawsuit connected to loot boxes: EA calls claims “baseless,” says they “misrepresent our games” What’s Loot Got to do With It? Judge dismisses Apple’s claim of theft in Epic case: Court says ongoing legal battle should […]