Mario Movie’s First Trailer on Oct 6

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct presentation to reveal the first trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Nintendo Direct will begin a live stream for the first trailer at 1:05 pm PT on Oct 6 via the link here.

The film is currently set to debut on April 7, 2023, in North America.

We have seen video game industries entering the movie production sphere and having great success. For example, see the League of Legends animated series Arcane. I am looking forward to seeing what Nintendo has to offer this time.



One response to “Mario Movie’s First Trailer on Oct 6”

  1. Na Young (NY) Bae

    Now I know what I’ll be watching after exams!

    As someone who knows nothing about League of Legends, I still really enjoyed watching Arcane (and its soundtracks are exquisite)!
    p.s. While Arcane was a success, I am reminded of a videogame-turned-movie that didn’t fare so well… anyone recall a blue hedgehog? 😉 I wonder what factors make game movies successful or woeful?