Zoe Quinn and the suicide of Alec Holowka

It appears as though Zoe Quinn is back in the news, and is once again receiving backlash. Quinn and another female developer, Albertine Watson, accused Alec Holowka, who was behind Night in the Woods, of emotional and sexual abuse while they were working together several years ago. It appears as though Quinn, after seeing another woman come forward about the abuse she endured at the hands of Elder Scrolls composer Jeremy Soule, decided to discuss her experience with Holowka online. Shortly after, Holowka was let go from the company behind Night in the Woods, and unfortunately committed suicide this August, a few weeks following their dismissal.

Quinn is now once again experiencing a tremendous amount of harassment about Holowka’s death – I actually noticed in the comments for an old BBC interview Quinn gave, she was being accused of cyberbullying a man to death, and even called a ‘murderer’ by quite a few individuals. It actually appears as though Holowka’s family members also requested that the public “not use their grief to harass people,” though this wish is clearly not being respected. She is begin accused of ruining and effectively ending his life.

This article makes an interesting argument about the hypocritical reactions to these women’s stories of abuse and the effect that most likely would have had on their mental health, versus the out-pour of concern about the negative impact their complaints would have on their alleged abusers.