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Has the Video-Game Industry Lost the Gun Debate: What is Your Take

Has the Video-Game Industry Lost the Gun Debate: What is Your Take

First check out:  How the Video-Game Industry Already Lost Out in the Gun-Control Debate by Ian Bogost. What do you think? How are real and virtual guns the same/different from the perspective of causality? Are they lines on a continuum or “apples and oranges”? Comments/critiques/thoughts? jon

Jon Stewart on guns, real & virtual

On a lighter note, in case you missed it earlier this week. From The Daily Show by way of Kotaku:

Aaron Swartz RIP

Aaron Swartz RIP

Lawrence Lessig is a well deserved legend in digital media legal circles. See Prof. Lessig’s comments below, but before you do to better understand the background at least scan the introductory article (or many others like it you will find this morning on the web). Prof. Lessig’s comments go to one of the themes of […]

News of the Week; Wednesday Jan. 9, 2013

1. Father Hires In-Game “Hitmen” To Deter Son From Playing: 2. I was Adam Lanza (note links to parts 2 & 3 at bottom of article): 3. EMA Sends Letter to Vice-President Joe Biden Concerning Violent Media’s Role in Sandy Hook Shooting (Note that actual letter is embedded in the article): 4. EFF’s Guide to CDA 230: The […]

What goes into “News of the Week”

Here is where I’ll post links to stories raised in “News of the Week” segment of the class. Will also post links to other stories, whether they come up in class or otherwise. Hopefully the spirit to post interesting stories on video game law and what is related will move everyone to do some version […]

Latest stuff

1. Have moved Tyler’s post to What is Your Take. 2. Am about to try and get WordPress system to authorize students who provided email addresses to initiate posts. 3. Will try and get last classes News of the Week up tomorrow AM. Wish me luck as I explore and learn WordPress for the first […]

Course News

1. UBC Law has approved a grad student TA for our course. Associate Dean Harris has posted. 2. Todays slides are up. 3. UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology is very kindly working on a design for this site which should be implemented tomorrow. Will get News of the Week up as soon as […]

Week 2

Jon’s Talk Jan. 9, 2013: “If Picasso had painted a round object…”: Download the PowerPoint Slides part 1: part 2:

What’s “next” for games (& discussion)

What’s “next” for games (& discussion)

…Participation for marks? Bonus points for initiating. I agree with the comments in class concerning the plateauing trends for previous technologies; though we may note that vinyl is making a comeback with the advent of the newer record players having built in ipod docks. What overtakes video games? I suspect we are reaching the categorical […]

Week 1

Introductory Class; no slides, no video. Reviewed syllabus.