News of the Week; Wednesday Jan. 9, 2013

1. Father Hires In-Game “Hitmen” To Deter Son From Playing

2. I was Adam Lanza (note links to parts 2 & 3 at bottom of article):

3. EMA Sends Letter to Vice-President Joe Biden Concerning Violent Media’s Role in Sandy Hook Shooting (Note that actual letter is embedded in the article):

4. EFF’s Guide to CDA 230: The Most Important Law Protecting Online Speech

5. Examining Sony’s Internet-free method for blocking used game sales – New patent filing describes using RFID chips to tie games to a single user:

6. Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Takes Aim at Senator Jay Rockefeller’s Video Games ‘Research’ Bill

7. Modifying Player Behavior In League of Legends with Honor

8. Apple rejects game based on Syrian civil war

9. Nvidia Just Built Its Own Gaming Supercomputer: The Grid

10. Top game controversies of 2012:

11. Game Theory: A Playwright on the Art of Video Games

12.  Game Theory: Considering Video Games as Ballet

13.Favoritism Is Good (Stanley Fish):

And in the not really relevant category:

14. Faced with a Five-Page Limit, Lawyer Files Cartoon Amicus Brief with Proper Font Size: (note PDF of brief embedded in article)


2 responses to “News of the Week; Wednesday Jan. 9, 2013”

  1. Chen Zhao

    Here are two articles on video games and violence post-Sandy Hook

    1. Connecticut town plans to collect and destroy violent games:

    2. Violence and videogames:

  2. Jon Festinger, Q.C.

    Thanks Chen. Feel free to create a new thread next time – not just reply to mine. The second link regarding video-game violence studies is especially important and useful.

    jon festinger