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Resale of used games – consumer protection issue?

Resale of used games – consumer protection issue?

Hot on the heals of yesterdays discussions (both Jas & I) regarding contractual prohibitions on the legalities/cases dealing with the re-sale of digital property (as well as Michela’s musings on digital property – scroll down under “What is Your Take”), check this out: German Consumer Advocacy Group Files Complaint Against Valve for Steam’s Used Games […]

False Dichotomy of Interactivity

I don’t see a categorical difference between the interactivity of video games and the interactivity of more traditional mediums like television/radio. On a long continuum of interactivity we could certainly place video games on a side of “direct-highly-interactive” and something like radio on the polar opposite; but we <i>do</i> interact with these apparent one directional […]

In the “Pass the Q-Tips, did I hear that right department?”

Sen. Lamar Alexander: “Games are a Bigger Problem Than Guns:

Week 5

Jon’s Talk Jan.30, 2013: “Creators, Consumers & Users” Download the PowerPoint Slides Jas Purewal’s Talk: “Going Global: legal and business  issues for international games development and distribution” Download the PowerPoint Slides

‘Gaymers’ petition USPTO

An important and interesting story about  a group of Reddit users who are petitioning the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office claiming the term “gaymer” should remain in the public domain. “Reddit ‘Gaymers’ Fight Cease-and-Desist Letter claiming ‘gaymer’ is a word that should remain in the public domain”: Thoughts? jon

News during the week (sort of)….

Dr. Richard Smith, Director of the Centre for Digital Media & I are doing an SFU Philosophers’ Cafe this Wednesday night (January 30, 2012) at the Roundhouse at 7:30 PM. The title is “Creating and thriving in a post-intellectual property world.” Am sure you see quite enough of me – but just in case you […]

Wednesday’s Guest Speaker: Jas Purewal

Hello colleagues, Will and I wanted to give you a brief overview of Wednesday’s guest speaker. Jas Purewal is a lawyer at the London office of Osborne Clarke. He is a commercial and intellectual property lawyer with a focus on interactive entertainment and digital media. Jas is a regular commentator on recent developments in these […]

Chinese console ban under review – report (via

Chinese console ban under review – report (via

“Government source claims 13-year console ban is being reassessed by Chinese ministries The Chinese government is reviewing its nationwide ban on the sale of game consoles, China Daily reports. According to an anonymous source inside the Chinese ministry of culture, the government has opened discussions between the seven ministries that agreed on the ban in […]

News of the Week; Jan. 23, 2013

1. Missouri lawmaker latest to propose “violent” games tax: 2. 25 Video Game Violence Studies, Summarized: 3. I’m Mentally Ill, I Love Violent Video Games, And They’ve Never Made Me Feel Like Killing Anyone: 4. Video Games Hold No Answers: 5. How the Legal System Failed Aaron Swartz—And Us by Tim Wu: 6. Aaron Swartz and the Corrupt Practice of Plea […]

Class Discussion: Ian Verchere – Chief Creative Director at Roadhouse Interactive

Class Discussion: Ian Verchere – Chief Creative Director at Roadhouse Interactive

In the hopes of continuing the discussion from Wednesday’s guest lecture as well as Jon’s portion of the class, Brendan and I have outlined a few key topics below. If anyone has any additional thoughts or questions on these matters or anything else related to the class, please feel free to get involved here. Parody […]