What goes into “News of the Week”

Here is where I’ll post links to stories raised in “News of the Week” segment of the class. Will also post links to other stories, whether they come up in class or otherwise. Hopefully the spirit to post interesting stories on video game law and what is related will move everyone to do some version of the same. So please post away…

A couple of related thoughts:

1. There will be overlap with @gamebizlaw in that everything posted here will almost certainly have been tweeted on @gamebizlaw. But not vice-versa as I’ll only post here the most important stories IMHO.

2. There are two places to potentially comment on the stories. Short pithy reactions are probably best posted here, under the News of the Week rubric. Longer more thoughtful or themed ideas should go under “What is Your Take”.

Reactions/suggestions/criticisms welcome.