EA Battlefront 2 Comment Most Downvoted in the History of Reddit

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have been enjoying your holiday weekend. On Friday we talked about about gamers-as-consumers backlash, specifically mentioning the original iteration of Steam, and we noted that social media has intensified this process. I wanted to give you a heads up on what is happening today: EA has just received the […]

Violence & Criminal Acts – Liability and Defences

[x-post from Forum post last Friday which I put in the wrong place] Good afternoon all, This is the particular mission in the COD series which I referenced during our class today. https://youtu.be/gXBDkevx5lM?t=84 I can definitely see this influencing someone to commit such acts, but in terms of liability for any damage caused, I still […]

MoCap and VoCo in Video Game Law

I recently listened to an episode of Radiolab which covered the advancements of voice editing and motion capture (MoCap).It appears that technology has advanced to the point where it is possible, using only forty minutes of someone’s dialogue, to create fictional conversation using their voice. Moreover, visual technological advancement have also made it possible to […]