Welcome to the 15th Video Game Law Cohort @ Allard & Class 1 – 9.7.22 “Introduction (to the Course)”

As I was droning on to you about the intricate linkages between video-games and the metaverse which might at some future time result in us not being able to tell what is real and what is not, reality reminded us it’s not quite that malleable. The real wind outside literally took the wind out of those oratorical sails by blacking out our classroom. Begging the cheap philosophical question “Does the wind blow in the metaverse?” Well, apparently it can (https://futurism.com/now-you-can-feel-wind-and-temperature-while-in-virtual-reality; Sim Racing Studio Hurricane Wind Kit Review). Notwithstanding, the real wind in addition to creating a short break, also tanked the video recording of the class as the recorders (which are remote from the classroom) never restarted. A real world rebuttal to the metaverse if there ever was one. Lesson learned 😉

Slides from today are below…