Video Presentation: Is Streaming Fair Dealing?

Hi everyone!

I wrote my final paper on the topic of the legality of streaming. I was originally intended for my presentation to recap the whole issue. Unfortunately, there ended up being a lot more to say than I anticipated.

For my presentation, I’ve just provided a brief intro to the issue, then applied the Canadian fair dealing factors to game streaming to give an opinion on whether I think the defence would apply.




2 responses to “Video Presentation: Is Streaming Fair Dealing?”

  1. tyler severson

    Wow, no way! I also applied the fair dealing doctrine to streaming in a part of my paper. I literally said to my friend “this could have been the full paper”. If you ever need a co-counsel to argue the defence one day in front of the SCC, let me know!

  2. Lynn Momprevil

    Great presentation Ian! Also ^this is true! I was the friend.