Video Games as a Content Creation Tool

Hello fellow gamers,

On Dec 02, Chris and I will be presenting on the use of video games in creating videos and streams in various ways. The scope of my part will be on gameplay videos such as let’s play videos or video guides for games and gameplay streaming, the legal implications for such activities, the application of fair dealing/use, and the economic relationship between developers/publishers and video content creators. Chris will be presenting on the creation of original videos through video game software, the commercial and legal implications, and a potential unique defence against copyright claims. Broadly speaking, we will be talking about to what extent such videos might constitute infringements and, if such videos do, to what extent certain defences may be applied to them.

We’ve attached the presentation for you to download ahead of time and, just in case, here’s the link to the Google Slides and the link to a PPT of the slides directly. Let us know if you have any trouble downloading the material.

We invite comments and questions to continue the discussion on this topic.


See below for the source materials we used for the presentation.

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