Delisted Games Presentation – Oct 28th

Hello everyone,

Jaclyn Salter and I our giving our presentation this coming Wednesday Oct 24th on delisted video games. Delisting is the process in which previously commercially released video games are taken down from digital or physical stores and are no longer available for purchase or redownloading. Our presentation explores the framework behind delisting, some notable cases of delisted video games, and some of the questions and implications for intellectual property law that stem from this phenomenon.

If you have time prior to the presentation, this video essay on the sad state of video game preservation sets out some of the larger issues around digital property and the concept of ownership that underpin the concept of delisting. Additionally, if you’d like to investigate what games have been delisted and get a sense of the scale of this matter, the website Delisted Games provides a thorough archive of games that are no longer available for purchase.

We hope you enjoy these resources, and look forward to sharing our presentation with you all!