News of the Week; November 20, 2019


  1. Game On: FaZe Clan’s $20 Million Lawsuit Against eSports Gamer Will Continue
  2. To find new games, more women value social circles, while men look to influencers – Newzoo: More women than men tend to value games that are easy to pick up and play quickly
  3. Bobby Kotick: Games are not a platform for my political views
  4. ‘Perpetual franchises’ are key to Activision Blizzard’s strategy, says CEO Kotick
  5. Google’s Stadia Game Streaming Service Arrives To A Collective ‘Meh’
  6. Google Stadia Launch Review: A Technical, Conceptual Disaster
  7. Google Stadia review: Gaming’s streaming future isn’t here yet
  8. Google Stadia launch review: Gaming’s “future” looks rough in the present
  9. Google Stadia review — It works, but it doesn’t matter
  10. Stadia delivers on low-latency, high quality cloud gaming – but is that enough?
  11. Unplayable at times, magical in others: Stadia’s dream is still in the clouds
  12. Google Stadia will be missing many features for Monday’s launch
  13. Google Stadia will launch without key features: Reddit AMA confirms that streaming service will not have Family Sharing, achievements, 4K for PC or Buddy Pass at launch
  14. Will Google’s Stadia Game Streaming Platform Be A Dud?
  15. Google Stadia nearly doubles launch lineup to 22 games on eve of debut
  16. Google expands today’s Stadia’s launch lineup to 22 games
  17. Google expands Stadia launch lineup to 22 titles right before launch
  18. Stadia nearly doubles line-up just days before launch: Ten titles pulled forward to November 19 as Google gears up to take streaming service live
  19. Stadia what? Xbox game streaming will become part of Game Pass in 2020
  20. Finalists named in Google’s annual Change the Game Design Challenge
  21. Xbox Game Pass subscriptions have doubled as its library continues to grow
  22. Project xCloud preview sees 50 more games, hits Windows 10 in 2020
  23. Xbox: “People are using xCloud to create couch co-op” – Microsoft’s xCloud leaders discuss what they’ve learned — and still need to learn — about game streaming
  24. From Project xCloud to New Rare Studio Game: Everything Revealed at Microsoft’s X019 Event
  25. Logitech has made an expansive accessory kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller
  26. Logitech’s $100 Adaptive Gaming Kit finishes what Xbox’s XAC started: “People buy the XAC, then ask, ‘what should go with this? ’” Logitech made the answer.
  27. PlayStation has 100 million reasons to feel confident | Opinion: X019 saw Microsoft ready for the next generation, but the power remains with PlayStation
  28. Sony controller patent points to potential PS5 permutations
  29. Apple Arcade may be accelerating premium game decline, but not by much: Apple’s subscription service coincided with lower premium revenue during launch month, but sales have already been declining for years
  30. Games and datacenter chips drive Nvidia’s Q3 revenue to $3.01 billion
  31. Forge of Empires dev InnoGames surpasses $1 billion revenue
  32. InnoGames’ lifetime revenues pass €1bn: More than half of this came from Forge of Empires, company has grown revenues every year since 2007
  33. Report: BioWare planning revitalizing overhaul for Anthem
  34. Sources: BioWare Plans A Complete Overhaul For Anthem
  35. NPD: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the best-selling game of 2019 so far – The Switch remains the best-selling console of the year so far in the US
  36. Call of Duty and Mario Kart front a siege of PC and console IP on mobile: Sensor Tower looks back on a busy month in the mobile charts, and reflects on the growing influence of console and PC brands
  37. Call of Duty tops EMEAA chart for third straight week: Death Stranding debuts in second spot on the charts as Need for Speed Heat races into third place
  38. UK Charts: Pokémon Sword and Shield post huge opening weekend sales – But the new games can’t top Sun and Moon
  39. Report: Pokemon Sword and Shield have sold over 1.36 million retail copies in Japan
  40. Pokemon Sword and Shield sold 1.36m retail copies in three days in Japan: Sales reportedly mark the best opening week a Nintendo Switch title has had in Japan so far
  41. Nintendo is bringing paid subscriptions to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  42. Paid subscriptions coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Nintendo follows Mario Kart subscription with two tiers for Animal Crossing amounting to $10.98 per month
  43. A Nintendo designer reviews your Super Mario Maker 2 levels
  44. Analyst: Borderlands 3, NBA 2K20 helped 2K dominate online chatter in Q3
  45. 2K Games apologises after social media feeds were hijacked on Friday: Publisher lost control of official Twitter account, along with pages for WWE, Borderlands, and Civilization
  46. Sustained mobile portfolio brings continued growth for NetEase in Q3: Chinese mobile giant sees year-over-year increases in net revenue and profit amid new releases, WoW Classic launch in China
  47. Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest-growing mobile games market – Newzoo: Mobile revenue expected to be up 17% in 2019 to $2.6 billion, nearly 70% of the region’s total games revenue
  48. Niko Partners: Southeast Asia’s $5 billion game market expected to grow to $8.3 billion in 2023
  49. Mobile party app Bunch nets $3.85M from Supercell, Tencent, and others
  50. Bunch raises $3.85m toward development, expanded partnerships: Supercell, Tencent, and Riot Games among investors in mobile game chat and party app
  51. Net profit up 53.7% as Netmarble closes Q3
  52. New studio Dream Games raises $7.5 million to fuel mobile game development
  53. Dream Games raises $7.5m to develop casual puzzle titles: Investment in Turkish studio made by Makers Fund, Balderton Capital
  54. German government to continue $55 million game development fund 
  55. Mythical Games closes $19m funding round
  56. Mobile party app Bunch nets $3.85M from Supercell, Tencent, and others
  57. Take-Two leads $20 million funding round into Spellbreak developer Proletariat
  58. Proletariat raises $20m for self-publishing, expansion: Spellbreak developer nets investment from Take-Two as it ramps up development
  59. Rune II publisher Ragnarok ‘shocked’ by closure of dev Human Head Studios
  60. Rune II publisher “shocked” by Human Head closure: Ragnarok Game confirmed it will continue to support Rune II and launch on other PC platforms in 2020
  61. Net game sales up 117% at THQ Nordic parent Embracer Group
  62. Wreckfest drives games revenue up 117% at Embracer Group: Company formerly known as THQ Nordic looks ahead to a Q3 with Darksiders and Shenmue 3
  63. How Koch Media is ensuring classic brand comebacks are worth the wait: From Shenmue III to TimeSplitters, CEO Klemens Kundratitz discusses the publisher’s upcoming line-up
  64. Goodbye Kansas grabs 45 percent stake in Norwegian studio Misc Games
  65. Goodbye Kansas Game Invest now owns 45% of Misc Games: Minority stake in ship simulation dev acquired in two separate deals
  66. Tencent grabs 10 percent stake in UK game company Sumo Group
  67. Revenue up at Paradox as it maintains focus on games with ‘long lifespans and strong IPs’
  68. Rebellion launches board games division: UK developer and publisher will kick off new business with tabletop version of Sniper Elite
  69. LG and Twitch Reveal Streaming Partnership with Pokimane
  70. FaZe Clan’s First Deaf, Female Gamer — 14-Year-Old ‘Ewok’ — Is Latest Twitch Departee To Sign With Mixer
  71. Faze Ewok is the latest streamer to jump ship from Twitch: She’s set to stream exclusively on Mixer
  72. FaZe Clan To Open First Storefront, Aims To Be Esports’ Supreme
  73. Esports Org 100 Thieves Adds Fortnite Pros ‘Falconer’, ‘Grandma’ To Growing Roster
  74. esports – gearing up to play in the pro leagues!
  75. Esports gamers experience same stressors as pro athletes, study finds
  76. The beauty of the indie spin-off: Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen explains how and why he followed up the action game with a deckbuilding puzzle prequel
  77. Blog: Going indie in Syria
  78. Blog: Understanding Agile game development – Part 1
  79. Blog: Designing interesting decisions in games (and when not to)
  80. Blog: A guide to scrappy social media management
  81. The Game Theorists To Host Nine-Hour Stream For St. Jude With Markiplier, Colleen Ballinger, More
  82. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review – A Good Feeling About This
  83. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review: the Star Wars game no one was expecting – Jedi Fallen Order focuses on exploration, with moments of explosive combat
  84. Jedi Fallen Order Shows That A Good Star Wars Game Doesn’t Have To Be Original: Part Zelda, part Tomb Raider, part Uncharted – all Star Wars
  85. Jedi: Fallen Order game review: More like, the Force goes back to sleep
  86. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: Critical Consensus – Respawn Entertainment delivers on the experience of being a Jedi, critics say, but did the new film’s imminent release cause EA to push the game out early?
  87. Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky’s design lessons from The Outer Worlds
  88. Steam’s online couch co-op feature Remote Play Together leaves beta 
  89. Genre viability on Steam and other trends – An analysis using review count
  90. How players shop during a Steam sale: An in-depth analysis
  91. Valve is making a new VR Half-Life game
  92. Half-Life: Alyx: What we know about Valve’s upcoming full-length VR game
  93. Oculus Link launches in beta, opening Rift games up to Quest owners
  94. Oculus Link for PC is live: Everything we know about cables, GPU support [Updated]
  95. John Carmack steps down as Oculus CTO to explore artificial intelligence
  96. John Carmack moves to “consulting CTO” role at Oculus: Industry veteran will focus on AI, with Oculus now taking a “modest slice” of his time
  97. Oculus, Unity partner on free VR development course: 20+ hour course will teach VR build and launch best practices
  98. Snapchat Pledges $750,000 To Support AR Influencers In 2020
  99. Snapchat Will Invest $750,000 For AR Influencers To Create New AR Lenses
  100. Mixed reality game streaming platform LIV secures $2.6 million in funding
  101. New 3D display combines visuals, haptic feedback, and sound: A small sphere levitated on sound can be moved around fast enough to be a display.
  102. How Mario 64 inspired that horrible goose’s moveset
  103. What went into Apex Legends’ surprise launch?: Respawn’s Arturo Castro and Drew McCoy explain how they made and marketed a Titanfall game with none of the key elements of Titanfall
  104. Ars talks fighting games with Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari
  105. Don’t Miss: Translating the humor & tone of Yakuza games for the West
  106. Don’t Miss: Shenmue director Yu Suzuki shares his unique approach to game design
  107. Don’t Miss: The secrets of great voice acting
  108. Don’t Miss: How Neopets has influenced a generation of game developers
  109. Video: Inside Far Cry Primal’s character pipeline and customization tech
  110. Video: Top game composers share hard-won advice and lessons learned
  111. Video: Inside the art design of Firewatch
  112. Video: Game design insights from the GDC 2019 Failure Workshop
  113. Video: How Rockstar tackles environment design as spatial cinematography
  114. The never-ending journey of No Man’s Sky – Why I Love: EA Vancouver games researcher James Berg loses himself in Hello Games’ vast universe
  115. Designing the drunken dialogue puzzles in Night School Studio’s Afterparty 
  116. Charity streaming event Desert Bus for Hope surpasses $6 million in lifetime donations
  117. Bungie raises $1.6 million for charity through Game2give pledge drive
  118. U.S. Patent no. 10,252,167: Location graph adapted video games
  119. Smash Bros, Death Stranding among GOTY nominees for The Game Awards 2019
  120. EverQuest lead producer and designer Brad McQuaid has passed away
  121. Obituary: Everquest designer and MMORPG vet Brad McQuaid


  1. TikTok Head Says He’s “Quite Optimistic” About U.S. National Security Probe
  2. TikTok Hits 1.5 Billion Total Downloads, Driven By Explosive Growth In India
  3. TikTok Taps In Social Shopping Tools, Letting (Some) Users Add Buy Links To Bios And Videos
  4. Federal Court Short-Circuits Voltage Pictures’ Canadian File Sharing Class Action Copyright Lawsuit Strategy (Michael Geist)
  5. Supreme Court agrees to review disastrous ruling on API copyrights
  6. Big News: Supreme Court To Hear Google v. Oracle Case About API And Copyright
  7. Site blocking orders come to Canada:
  8. Federal Court issues landmark website-blocking injunction with significant implications for ISPs
  9. Fool’s Gold: Why a Federal Court Judge Was Wrong To Issue a Website Blocking Order Against GoldTV (Michael Geist)
  10. Bell Media Inc. Groupe TVA Inc. Rogers Media Inc. v.  (Federal Court, November 15, 2019)
  11. More Evidence That IP Law Protects Individual Emoji Depictions–Nirvana v. Marc Jacobs (Eric Goldman)
  12. Rules of the game? Digital political campaigning for the 2019 UK general election
  13. Judge Says The FBI Can’t Keep Refusing To Confirm Or Deny The Existence Of Social Media Monitoring Documents
  14. Google search results have more human help than you think, report finds: Google is sometimes hands-on under the hood, and investigators want to know more.
  15. How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results: The internet giant uses blacklists, algorithm tweaks and an army of contractors to shape what you see
  16. Google outlines plans for mainline Linux kernel support in Android
  17. The Ethical Dilemma at the Heart of Big Tech Companies
  18. Microsoft says yes to future encrypted DNS requests in Windows
  19. Twitter Releases New Global Political Advertising Policy
  20. Twitter’s ban on paid political advertisement comes into effect
  21. You might be able to schedule tweets from Twitter’s web app starting today: You used to have to use Tweetdeck or another service
  22. Evan Spiegel Says Snapchat Has A Team That Fact-Checks All Political Ads
  23. Snapchat Introduces Extended Play Commercials: The 6-second non-skip format still applies, but video can run up to 3 minutes
  24. Andrew Yang’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Tech Policy
  25. Disney+ Has a Hacking Problem
  26. The version of Star Wars on Disney+ changes the canon once again: Han Solo vs. Greedo might look different than it did in 1977. And 2004. And 2011.
  27. Disney+ Promises To Fix Cropped Episodes Of ‘The Simpsons,’ But That’s Not Users’ Only Issue
  28. Hulu, Which Reportedly Has Nation’s Most-Subscribed Skinny Bundle, Institutes $10 Price Hike
  29. Online content and take down requirements- what are the boundaries?
  30. Narcos Defeats Yet Another Silly Copyright Lawsuit
  31. Court Sanctions Defendant for Failure to Preserve Text Messages in Copyright Infringement Suit Brought by Prince’s Estate
  32. Court Finds Communications Decency Act Protects Tumblr Against Revenge Porn Claim
  33. Unrelenting “ad blocker” plasters users with—you guessed it—ads
  34. Elsevier Gets Sci-Hub And LibGen Blocked In Austria, Thereby Promoting The Use Of VPNs And Tor In The Country
  35. Giant Publisher Macmillan Goes To War Against Libraries
  36. David Dobrik Nabs People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Honors, People’s Choice Award
  37. David Dobrik Says Monthly YouTube Ad Earnings Went From $275,000 To $2,000 In Two Years
  38. Logan Paul Filing Appeal With Athletic Commission After KSI Boxing Defeat: “I Don’t Think I Lost”
  39. Studio71 UK Talent Firm ‘Moxie’ Signs Pro-Biker Ryan Taylor, Comedian Munya Chawawa, More
  40. Evangelical ‘Financial Whiz’ Who Apparently Hates Gossip, Sues YouTuber For Criticism
  41. James Charles To Host YouTube’s First Beauty Influencer Competition Series
  42. Manny MUA, FouseyTube, Andrea Russett Tapped For Season 2 Of ‘The Reality House’
  43. ICYMI: FTC Summarizes Existing Influencer Rules
  44. Influencing the Influencers: FTC Staff Release “Disclosures 101” Guidance for Online Endorsers
  45. Spreading The Influence: FTC Issues New Guidance for Influencers
  46. Senators ask if Facebook really lets users opt out of location tracking
  47. Facebook Claims Users Sign Up Because They Want To See Personalized Ads, Max Schrems Disagrees — And Usually Wins These GDPR Arguments
  48. Facebook Seeks Post-Spokeo Review of Biometric Privacy Class Action
  49. Facebook Levels Up Charity Livestreaming Tools, Opening Them To All Partner Creators
  50. Facebook quietly built “Popular Photos”, an in-app Instagram
  51. Facebook gets into the meme-making biz with experimental Whale app: The app was quietly released in Canada last week
  52. Pay Data Pitfalls: What We Can Learn From Facebook’s Discrimination Case
  53. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the single leading source of anti-vax ads on Facebook
  54. Is it Time to Prioritize Making Websites and Mobile Apps Accessible?
  55. We Need to Fix Online Advertising. All of It.: For the sake of democracy.
  56. Troll Lawyer Shows Up In Court To Explain His ‘Dead Grandfather’ Excuse, Gets His ‘Fitness To Practice’ Questioned By The Judge
  57. Should Doxxing Be Illegal?
  58. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit proves that data is king
  59. Google Maps translate feature will speak local place-names
  60. Google gives up on US carriers, will roll out its own RCS chat system
  61. Google Pixel 4 review—Overpriced, uncompetitive, and out of touch
  62. Google Earth gets content creation tools for geography-focused presentations
  63. InterDigital reveals new licensing deal with Google secured through mystery platform
  64. YouTube’s Top 5 Most-Viewed Music Videos Of 2019 All Belong To Latino Artists
  65. Japanese Hotel Charges Guests $1 If They Agree To Stream Their Stays For 24 Hours
  66. Following Positive Feedback, Instagram Expands Test Of Hidden ‘Like’ Counts Globally
  67. Condé Nast Reveals Latest IGTV Slate Amid Revamped Ad Strategy
  68. Instagram tests hiding Like counts globally
  69. Apple plans a Prime-like subscription bundle, but that has News+ publishers worried
  70. Apple bans vaping apps from the iOS App Store
  71. No, Apple isn’t opening a new manufacturing plant in Texas
  72. Insurer Must Face Email Spoofing Lawsuit
  73. Spotify confirms it’s testing real-time lyrics synced to music
  74. Spotify’s free music service will now stream on Alexa devices, plus Bose and Sonos smart speakers
  75. Spotify will now make a road trip playlist for you: It’s not as frighteningly accurate as the Daily Mix playlists, though
  76. Spotify turns its personalization technology to podcasts with launch of Your Daily Podcasts
  77. Amazon makes its music streaming service free with ads
  78. It’s the user’s fault if a Ring camera violates your privacy, Amazon says
  79. AMS Neve vs. Heritage Audio: What does the CJEU ruling mean for online infringement cases?
  80. The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 32: Reflections from the Open Source Member of Parliament – A Conversation with Ex-MP David Graham (Michael Geist)
  81. Masnick’s Impossibility Theorem: Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible To Do Well
  82. Shipping Firms Pilot Blockchain, New Crypto Payment Gateways and Products, Wyoming Announces Crypto Custody Rules
  83. Financial Institutions and D&O International Review – Facebook’s Libra: watershed moment for digital currencies?
  84. Patreon Now Counts 4 Million Patrons That Have Paid Creators $1 Billion To Date
  85. Every Tech Company Wants to Be a Bank – Someday, At Least: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Uber are all eyeing financial services as the next frontier. Getting there might take some work.
  86. IBM, Microsoft, the Linux Foundation and OIN join forces to counter open source threat
  87. Price Parity Clauses and Online Platforms: Is There a New Way Forward?
  88. Online intermediaries: Fresh guidance from the CJEU on the scope of the E-Commerce Directive
  89. “Where the Wi-Fi sucks” is where a new wireless protocol does its magic
  90. Should The Big Tech Companies Voluntarily Fund The Journalism Business?


  1. Deepfakes are already breaking democracy. Just ask any woman: It doesn’t take a faked prime ministerial address to threaten the democratic process
  2. What should newsrooms do about deepfakes? These three things, for starters
  3. Microsoft sends a new kind of AI processor into the cloud
  4. Blog: Automating machine learning for mobile games
  5. Google’s FreddieMeter AI Experiment rates how well you sing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
  6. Algorithms were supposed to make Virginia judges fairer. What happened was far more complicated.
  7. Improving autonomous autos by having them guess which humans are selfish
  8. Protecting AI-Created Works – US seeking comments on copyright. What about Canada?
  9. Request for Comments on Intellectual Property Protection for Artificial Intelligence Innovation
  10. Will AI replace IP attorneys?
  11. AI & Privacy: PrActIcal AdvIce for OrgAnIzAtIons
  12. Capital One Asks the FCC To Make It Easier For You Communicate With its Very Polite Texting Robot: Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing
  13. Delaware Court Allows Stockholder To Inspect AI Company’s Books
  14. Write AI code once, run anywhere—it’s not Java, it’s Intel’s oneAPI 


  1. The US gives Huawei its third 90-day support exemption from export ban
  2. Apathy Isn’t A Business Model: Major US Telcos Teeter Toward Bankruptcy
  3. Comcast trying to drive local sports network out of business, lawsuit says
  4. 46 Cities Sue The FCC For Trampling Their Rights
  5. FCC sued by dozens of cities after voting to kill local fees and rules
  6. Congress Says The FCC Is Trying To Run Out The Clock On Wireless Location Data Scandals
  7. FCC Announces Schedule for Transition to Annual Children’s Television Reports
  8. Ajit Pai Does a Good Thing As He Pushes For Public C Band Auction
  9. Who is leading the 5G patent race?
  10. PSA: DirectTV Pushes Back By Mentioning All The Refunds For Blackouts Its Issued… To Customers That Asked
  11. 11th Cir. Reverses Class Cert. in DIRECT TV; Says “Fairly Traceable” Analysis Has Some Bite Under Art. III
  12. 11th Circuit vacates class certification in TCPA action against satellite TV provider
  13. Clarification of the Electronic Communications Code
  14. Federal robocall legislation: “agreement in principle”
  15. Federal robocall legislation update
  16. As DirecTV tanks, AT&T says it will “re-bundle” TV with HBO Max
  17. AT&T to Pay $60 Million to Settle Dispute Over “Unlimited” Claims
  18. John Legere leaving T-Mobile after 7 fun years of bashing AT&T and Verizon
  19. Knowing What Happens Next, T-Mobile CEO Legere Heads For The Exit 


  1. Federal Court Says ICE, CBP’s Suspicionless Searches Of Electronic Devices Is Unconstitutional
  2. Supreme Court’s Warrant Requirement For Cell Site Location Info Apparently Killed Another Domestic Surveillance Program
  3. Cops put GPS tracker on man’s car, charge him with theft for removing it
  4. Attorney General Calls FOIA Requests ‘Harassment’ During Long Rant About How Much It Sucks To Be Running The Nation
  5. Password data for ~2.2 million users of currency and gaming sites dumped online
  6. Nikki Haley lost her password, so she sent confidential info over unclassified system
  7. Impeachment hearing reveals major White House phone security fail
  8. Impeachment Hearings Highlight More Trump Phone OPSEC Failures
  9. FTC head asks Congress for real privacy laws he can enforce
  10. New EDPB guidelines on processing personal data through video devices
  11. Think of the children: FBI sought Interpol statement against end-to-end crypto
  12. Official Monero website is hacked to deliver currency-stealing malware
  13. How Did A Hacker Allegedly Access A Million Customers’ Personal Data? Let the FTC Count the Ways.
  14. Court Provides Guidance on What Constitutes “Telemarketing” to Residential Phone Numbers
  15. What the newly released Checkra1n jailbreak means for iDevice security
  16. Beware of PureLocker Ransomware
  17. Legal Aspects of Managing Data
  18. Privacy Policy Requirements
  19. Leveraging open source intelligence for cyber threat modeling
  20. Watch: Cyber threats in the Internet of Things
  21. Brexit and data protection: What to do next (when you don’t know what’s happening next)
  22. GDPR Enforcement Update: Can European Union Authorities Enforce Their Laws On U.S.-Based Companies?
  23. Interpol Confirms, Denies It’s Against Strong Encryption
  24. Google & Samsung fix Android spying flaw. Other makers may still be vulnerable


  1. Court To Racist Douchebags: It’s Not Defamatory For A Newspaper To Call You ‘Racist Douchebags’
  2. Journalists Publish List Of Convicted Cops The State’s Attorney General Said Was Illegal For Them To Have
  3. Taylor Swift says she’s been stopped from performing her own music on TV by Scooter Braun.
  4. Taylor Swift says she’s being blocked from singing her songs at American Music Awards
  5. Taylor Swift’s fight with Big Machine is getting support from Elizabeth Warren and AOC
  6. Leave Taylor Alone! Why Swift Action Is Needed Now
  7. Rap Song, Video Trigger Sharon Stone Lawsuit
  8. Bullock, DeGeneres Fight ‘Celebrity Endorsement Theft Industry’
  9. The Ins and Outs of Canadian Copyright: Movies and the real and substantial connection test
  10. Universal Music Claims Copyright Over Newly Public Domain ‘Yes! We Have No Bananas’
  11. Music Collection Org: Revenues Are Booming… And That’s Proof Why We Need Even More Draconian Copyright Laws
  12. Auction of ‘kidnapped’ Banksy work reignites bitter feud
  13. Restrictive Covenants Do Not Inhibit Free Speech
  14. Needless Trademark Spat In Canada At Least Has Exactly As Polite Ending As You’d Expect
  15. Supreme Court to Hear Dot-Com Trademark Issue
  16. Trade Marks – where to sue when infringement occurs online
  17. Running an International Prize Promotion Without Breaking the Law
  18. How to defend yourself in case the artwork you bought at auction does not match its pre-sale description?