Modern Warfare Outperforms Every Call of Duty

Super nostalgic being able to play ‘modern warfare’ once again.

Forbes called it:

‘The Best ‘Call Of Duty’ In A Decade’

I got the chance to play it a few times and it lives up to the hype that is circulating around it. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is half prequel, half reboot to the Modern Warfare franchise. For the multiplayer, they opened up the maps making it way bigger than before. This obviously has its repercussions because players are more inclined to ‘camp’ and play the long game. The old Call of Duty games (as I remember) involved a lot of ‘run and gun’ play that frowned upon campers but in this game its almost as if you have to camp.

Activision announced that its first three days on the market were the best for any game in the series this console generation, and it has also become the top-selling new game release of 2019. Gamers already brought in more than $600 million in worldwide sell-through and topped PS4 digital pre-orders and three-day digital sales records. And to top it all off, you now can play against friends on other platforms. For the first time, Call Of Duty is launching with crossplay between PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a variety of options to make sure you’re not going up against mouse-and-keyboard players with a controller if you don’t want to. That means you can play with your friends who don’t own a console, or with your brother who owns an Xbox One instead of a PS4 like you. It’s terrific.

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