Presentation Outline – November 6th

As the Gaming industry has grown and developed, the level of interconnectivity and involvement has changed. Far from the simple days of “Pong” flashing on screens, Video Games are driving technological advancements and innovation while at the same time representing a trigger point for social impacts and consumption of entertainment. While gaming has had a long-standing reputation of controversy and debate, the current status of Video Games is now giving rise to more contentious topics. Gaming may have a place for positive characteristics such as freedom of speech, artistic expression and educational tools, but we must also see concern in the perpetuation of negative attitudes and behaviours.


On Wednesday, November 6th, our group will be presenting on the topic of Social Effects and Influences within Video Games and the Video Game Industry. More specifically, we will be working to explore subtopics of Negative Behaviours and their involvement in gaming.

We will be discussing the following points:

  • Toxic and Anti-Social Behaviour;
  • Misogyny in the Gaming Community;
  • Virtual Crime with a focus on Sexual Assault by Avatars;
  • Racism in Video Games;
  • Video Game Violence and its Impact;
  • Desensitization of Violence and Negative Behaviours;


Here are some links relating to our topics:


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  1. jocelyn hassell

    Also, if anyone is interested, here is a link to an overview of the study that I kept citing in my portion of the presentation. Happy reading! 🙂