Discussion topic – 10th October 2018

Are you in control of your mind? Our discussion will look at equipping you with a variety of information on the topic of video games and addiction, so that you can form an educated opinion on this recently fired up debate.


1. Gaming disorder and addiction

  • WHO definition
  • How would it get diagnosed?

2. General examples and activity in this area

  • Fortnite example
  • Recent debates and controversy
  • Legal and Government intervention

3. Specific example – loot boxes

  • Definition
  • Debates on its correlation to gambling
  • Battlefront 2 example
  • Regulatory intervention


Feel free to watch this video as an introduction to some of the themes that will be covered in our discussion. Come equipped with opinions on this recent classification by the WHO, the implications it brings about, and any stories you may want to share.

Please note: As this topic could get personal, when sharing your opinion in class, do so respectfully, with your fellow classmates/the audience in mind.