Esports Presentation Follow-up: News Stories of Interest

During my presentation, I spoke about some incidents and events that happened in the recent years. Although details of these incidents were not necessary for the overall message of my presentation, I thought some of you may still be interested nonetheless. Therefore, I have included some links to further reading on some of the more interesting milestones and incidents I spoke of in my presentation today.

Korean Starcraft Matchfixing – This is one of the biggest incidents in recent memory Esports related, and deserves a read:

North American Counterstrike: Global Offensive Match Fixing:

League of Legends Season 2 World Championships Screen Looking:

French Counterstrike: Global Offensive Pro Cheating:

Substance Abuse:

European 17 Year-old Player Abuse By Manager:

The Ongoing Struggles of Korean Player Abuse:


Furthermore, I believe the franchising trend in Esports is yet another major (possibly the largest ever) turning point.  It’s definitely worthwhile to read up on it, considering we are at the starting stages of what I expect to be a pivotal moment for Esports. In the near future, this development will directly have an impact on an immense portion of the business world including law.

NA League of Legends Franchising – Take note of the date of the articles, as this is an ongoing story:

Overwatch League Franchising:


It’s an exciting time to be into Esports – even more so if you can understand and get in on the business.