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Class 10 – 11/24/17; “Do We Really Need EULA’s?” + “Loot Box Special”

Product Placement in Video Games…Part 3

In part 2, I discussed commercial communication toward children and the potential impact if the communication was ideological. I was cynic about the possible success of an action from a creator if his/her work was modified by an in-game ad. But I must admit now that I am more optimist. The Moral rights in the […]

Class 9 – 11/17/17; “News of the Week” + “Highs and Lows of Modern Esports” + “Artificial Intelligence”

Class 9 – 11/17/17; “News of the Week” + “Highs and Lows of Modern Esports” + “Artificial Intelligence”

Video and Slides below. Sound is not always ideal but a remixed version should be coming our way soon. Jon

Remember that people buy GPUs for mining Bitcoins?

If you don’t, let me remind you something that was said during my presentation: Prices of Graphic Processing Units (the devices which allow gamers to process video games on their PCs and consoles) jumped sharply last year due to their great processing power for mining bitcoins (=the process by which transactions are verified and added […]

Making a Purpose-Built Esports Game This article caught my eye because of the discussions we’ve had in recent weeks about developers making concerted efforts to break into the esports scene with their games. It has some interesting points on what a game developer should aim for if it is making a game with the primary purpose of creating a […]

A.I.: What makes Human?

Exploration of identity of human has been a recurrent question.  I found that Ghost in the Shell (manga 1989; 1995 animated movie) illustrates well the though about human identity and AI when AI become aware of their existence. The main character has a human brain in a cybernetic body who works for a special anti-criminal unit. She has to stop the Puppet Master who has been […]

Esports Presentation Follow-up: News Stories of Interest

During my presentation, I spoke about some incidents and events that happened in the recent years. Although details of these incidents were not necessary for the overall message of my presentation, I thought some of you may still be interested nonetheless. Therefore, I have included some links to further reading on some of the more […]

Class 8 – 11/10/17; “What’s it all about…EULA?” + “What Can Video Games Teach Us About the Future”

Reminiscent of Anoop Desai’s Presentation This piece on the News of the Week got me thinking about the presentation that Anoop Desai from EA gave back at the beginning of the term. While we aren’t quite yet at the point where games are offered as a streaming service via a cloud system (similar to what Netflix did for television), […]

News of the Week; November 8, 2017

GAMES Humvee maker sues Activision over ‘Call of Duty’ AM General sues Activision over ‘Call of Duty’ Humvee use: The “Call of Duty” franchise rakes in billions, and AM General wants a piece of the pie. Overwatch devs aim to combat toxicity with a dedicated ‘strike team’ The Trouble with Trailers: Developers have learned to deal […]