Remember that people buy GPUs for mining Bitcoins?

If you don’t, let me remind you something that was said during my presentation: Prices of Graphic Processing Units (the devices which allow gamers to process video games on their PCs and consoles) jumped sharply last year due to their great processing power for mining bitcoins (=the process by which transactions are verified and added […]

Blockchain Presentation Follow Up – $300m lost ‘accidentally’

In case anyone wants to further read about the incident, here’s the link: A really expensive accident I must admit.. Idan

Taking Legal Action Against Cheaters

TL;DR – video game company sues cheating gamers for copyright infringement. I find this one really annoying. Shouldn’t they invest the money in making their product better instead of spending money on legal fees, chasing gamers? is this the right approach against cheaters? are they so beaten up? I don’t completely understand the reciprocation between […]

The Gaming Industry as a Case Study to the Implications of Cloud Computing

Last class, Anoop introduced the power of the cloud in the gaming industry. It reminded me an article I read about the early stages of the internet when classic mainframe systems were in use (explanation can be found here: we could argue about the differences and the similarities between cloud computing and mainframe systems, […]