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Origin Story

We were not born to video games. We had to adapt it, learn its flavours, and gained an unquenchable taste for more. We are the relics of a bygone age, thrown into a shifting era, and forced to learn its peculiarities. One day, even the forefront of the man-made joys so lauded in this era will become naught be ancient baubles, fit only as curiosities. But for now, we learn and adapt.

Ludology Research 1

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Modding as a Basis for Developing Game Systems

This article talks about modding in general and certain examples of modding in recently developed video games. Four types of game modding are discussed: User Inter Interface Customizations, Game Conversions, Machimina, and Hacking Closed Game Systems. Game modding software tools and support are also discussed.

Modding: Amateur Authorship and How the Video Game Industry is Actually Getting It Right

This article chronicles the changes in the video game industry with regards to its attitude towards modding. The anticipated hostility and strong objections that are present in the EULA are generally not what is practiced, and instead many game studios release modding tools and guides to stimulate the modding community. Even as mods are seen as derivative works, the encouragement of its production, and the general studio support, despite the many arguments against mods being fair use, points to the overall tolerant attitude of the video game industry towards mods, an attitude that gamers support.