Knights of Allardia: Video Games and Violence

Guild Name:

Knights of Allardia (KoA)

Guild Members:

Amanda Lim, Lorraine Ang, Luke Effa, and Thomas Walker

Origin Myth:

Initially formed to wage war on plagiarism across campus, the Knights of Allardia soon found it was far more profitable to sue people for copyright infringement instead. With newfound pecuniary motivation, KoA began litigating with a vengeance, and many evil doers fell before their mighty pens. One day, a magic wizard told the Knights that video gaming had become a multi-billion dollar industry, and that they could acquire even more gold by defending these virtual bastions of free speech from the evil clutches of tyrants like the Dark Overlord Jack Thompson LL.B. Intrigued by the prospect of greater loot by defending game developers from frivolous lawsuits, KoA immediately registered in the first video game law course they could find, and began their quest for a slice of the video game revenue pie.

Topic: Video Games and Violence

Knights of Allardia