Origin Story: Early on Wednesday morning, several students were thrown together in an unlikely grouping to make the best use of their talents. Much like The Planeteers, the members of GCI have been selected from around the world, with particular emphasis on one country. The only real difference is that The Planeteers had a fifth member (Heart), but that character was virtually useless, pet primates are not allowed in classes, and law students are not supposed to have emotions. Mystical energy containing jewelry is also merely optional for GCI members. Also, we don't protect the environment with the help of a green flattop-mulleted superhuman, at least for the time being. And, unlike this class, the Captain Planet game was horrible. Also distinguishing us from that game, every member of our team is actually useful. So, really, it's like an air-tight 1-to-1 analogy between the two.

Guild Members: Brendan: the powers of Great Looks (Scribe); Cody: the powers of government; David: the powers of Tanuki Suit; Kathryn: the powers of Charisma;

Topic: Freedom of Expression and Games