News of the Week; Wednesday Jan. 16, 2013

1. Processing the loss of Aaron Swartz – Danah Boyd:

2. Researchers Find that Web Site Blocking Has No Long-Term Affect in Combating Online Piracy:

3. The Way Forward on Copyright Reform – Derek Khanna:

4. What to Watch for in Canadian Intellectual Property Law in 2013:

5. Copyright and Industrial Design Developments – 2012 (paper) – Glen Bloom, Barry Sookman:

6. Rethinking Mass Murder:

7. How the Video-Game Industry Already Lost Out in the Gun-Control Debate:

8. The NRA’s new shooting app isn’t the hypocritical PR disaster it seems:

9. Is Your Surgeon A Gamer?:

And in the not really relevant category:

10. A Corporation Is Not a Person for Car Pool Lane Purposes, Calif. Judge Rules