News of the Week; August 27, 2014


1. Capcom suing Koei Tecmo

2. Nintendo files copyright claims to have Super Smash Bros. leaks removed

3. Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn’t exist

4. The Porn Viewing Habits of Console Owners

5. Report: Adult women gamers now double the number of under-18 boys

6. Rockstar: Lohan’s GTA suit is “for publicity purposes”

7. Police Called On Game Creator Over Nuclear War Diagrams

8. “We’re very close to having the first death in VR”

9. EA Cracking Down on ‘FIFA 15’ Cheaters

EA cracks down on FIFA virtual currency sales

10. Star Wars: Commander Is Slow-Going Unless You Pay Up

11. The dominance of ‘free’ App Store games, as seen in one handy chart

12. Indie devs facing “mass extinction event” – Prince

13. Amazon’s Twitch Acquisition Is Official

Google-Twitch deal nixed by antitrust concerns – Report

Why Amazon Really Bought Twitch

14. Third of PS4 owners switched from Wii or Xbox

15. Sony’s PlayStation Network Attacked: 9 Questions Answered

16. Atari “Destroyed” by Sale to Warner, Says Founder: Nolan Bushnell adds, “I think that Atari would still be important today if that sale hadn’t occured.”

17. Minecraft players build working hard drives: Players of the pixelated building block game have taken its virtual simulation tools to an unprecedented level – building functioning hard drives that can read and write data.

18. How Microsoft’s predictive modeling could make streaming gaming tolerable: “DeLorean” system reduces apparent lag by guessing what you’re about to do in-game.

19. Two fish are playing Street Fighter II and it is surprisingly entertaining

21. The ’80s Videogames That Built Castles From Words—And Changed My Life

22. Elite: the game that changed the world

23. Videogame Based On Borges Short Story Is In Fact Borgesian

24. The Bootleg Retro Console Culture Of Brazil


25. Monkey’s selfie cannot be copyrighted, US regulators say: Selfie by macaca nigra monkey is public domain, not owned by nature photographer.

26. BC Court Rules on Signing Away Your Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

27. The Two Western Cultures of Privacy: Dignity versus Liberty (James Whitman, Yale Law School)

28. Is Technology Shifting Our Moral Compass?(Video)

29. How to Save the Net: Keep It Open (Vinton Cerf)

30. The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

31. Appeals court knocks out computer bingo patents

32. India makes ‘liking’ blasphemous content illegal

33. TiVo Releases A ‘Legal’ Version Of Aereo, Called Roamio, Proving That Aereo Really Was About Cable Length

34. Oregon Attorney General sues Oracle for “racketeering activity”: State claims Oracle hid problems with health exchange, conspired to overcharge.

35. China censorship filters are hamstringing posts that help their cause: Pro-government content gets caught as much as anti-government posts.

36. Why and How We Must Protect the Right to Film Cops in Ferguson

37, How AT&T’s Own Legal Fights Show It’s Lying In Claiming Broadband Reclassification Would Create Collateral Damage

38. Hackers Unmask Anonymous Posters On Secret, Including App’s Founder

39. The extreme, addictive side of fantasy football


40. The Conservatism of Emoji: Emoji offer you new possibilities for digital expression, but only if you’re speaking their language

41. Getty Images Sued Over Settlement Demand Letter: ‘Unfair, Deceptive Scheme,’ Copyright Lawyers Claim

42. Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Executives be the Arbiters of What We See and Read? (Glenn Greenwald)

43. A Horrifying Interactive Map of Global Internet Censorship


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  1. Michela

    More female gamers because of candy crush! Should iOs apps be included in stats like this? What makes someone a “real gamer”…?