Making a Purpose-Built Esports Game This article caught my eye because of the discussions we’ve had in recent weeks about developers making concerted efforts to break into the esports scene with their games. It has some interesting points on what a game developer should aim for if it is making a game with the primary purpose of creating a […]

Reminiscent of Anoop Desai’s Presentation This piece on the News of the Week got me thinking about the presentation that Anoop Desai from EA gave back at the beginning of the term. While we aren’t quite yet at the point where games are offered as a streaming service via a cloud system (similar to what Netflix did for television), […]

Esports Presentation Follow-up

In my presentation this past Friday I thought it would be fun to include some video clips showing what the atmosphere is like inside the stadiums where these big esports tournaments are held. I decided not to include them because of the technical difficulties we had with videos in the past few weeks, but for […]

Owning Genres I find the idea that a developer could own the rights to a video game genre to be ridiculous. It goes back to Boyden. There are so many ways in which a battle royale video game could be “expressed” that to allow the developers of PUBG to retain exclusive rights to all battle royale […]

Loot Boxes and Gambling I saw this piece in the News of the Week and found it interesting. The ESRB, which establishes age and content ratings for video games, has reasoned that loot boxes do not constitute gambling because the player is always guaranteed to win something–i.e. there is no risk of loss. While the particular item or […]