TMRW Sports and The Golf League: The New Age of Sports & Gaming

As someone who loves to Golf, I was eagerly waiting to see how the PGA Tour and its players would respond to the new LIV Golf League. While LIV Golf is not without its controversy given its funding from the Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund, there is no denying that LIV golf has deep pockets and will be competing with the PGA tour for at least the next few years. Additionally, LIV golf looks to attract a younger audience by doing things such as broadcasting on Youtube and offering unique events for fans. As such, it was not shocking to see in August that a group of PGA tour players led by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy created TMRW sports which announced its first event. The Golf League (TGL),  a new tech-infused golf league in partnership with the PGA TOUR will begin play in 2024. TGL will have team matches that fuse classic live-action golf with advanced tech from a custom-built venue in primetime on Monday nights. This venue looks similar to a TopGolf center working with a launch monitor, simulator, and driving range. An additional virtual course and an advanced technology short game facility will also be used.

On December 5th, TMRW Sports announced former TopGolf Executive Andrew Macauley as the CEO. Given his background, it makes me wonder if there will be a scenario in the future where I can hit golf balls at home on a simulator and then be competing alongside my favourite pros in real time? Or could I get golf lessons at home through AI technology that works with my golf simulator as I play? Could I do golf group lessons from home similar to the way a peloton system works? This new venture certainly has the possibility to open up things like this. With investors from every major U.S. sports league like Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton, Shohei Ohtani, Steph Curry, and Sidney Crosby, I predict it won’t be long before we see many exciting sports ventures that intersect with gaming and technology, bringing about a litany of new legal dilemmas.