Montreal Video Game Company Gets the Rights to Charlie Chaplin

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Hey Y,all,

Came across this article today and thought it was interesting. A Montreal video game company just got the exclusive rights to Charlie Chaplin and intends to make a game based around the individual. For those of you who are unaware who Charlie Chaplin is, he was a major silent film movie star throughout the 1900s, starting back in the 1920s.

His family made it very clear that no sexism, violence, or racism can be included in the video game.

The co-founder of IndieAsylum, the company which obtained the rights to Charlie Chaplin, pointed to the success games such as Animal Crossing have had, which he believes is an indicator that a non-violent game based around Charlie Chaplin could have success.

I am not sure if I buy it, or can really conceptualize what a Charlie Chaplin game will look like. Moreover, the fact that Chaplin was known for his work in silent films raises the question what, if any, dialogue will be present in the game. However, this game may be coming as early as next year!

Cailean Paskall