Presentation Outline – 23 October 2019

Hello all,

On Wednesday 23rd October, I’ll be presenting on the application of copyright law to video game livestreams and recorded playthroughs (“Let’s Plays”), which are commonly uploaded on internet platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

I’ll be covering the following points:

  1. Overview of Let’s Plays and livestreams on YouTube and Twitch;
  2. Applying copyright law to gameplay content online;
    • DMCA safe harbor and online platforms’ takedown systems;
    • Misuses of DMCA takedown notices;
    • Untested question of whether gameplay footage uploaded online is fair use/fair dealing;
  3. Other ways YouTube and Twitch deal with copyrighted material.

For some quick preliminary reading/watching in the lead-up to class, please have a look through the following links below. Many thanks!