One response to “Doping in Esports”

  1. jonah brook

    I’m a big fan of introducing anti-doping to esports personally. If it’s going to be treated like professional sports, then it should be subject to the same prohibitions on doping to ensure fair play. The other thing that worries me is the fact that because esports players as streamers tend to have a very close connection to their audience, I would be concerned with young viewers emulating their favorite players. If they feel like these are an option to improve their game I can see this as being pretty problematic.

    As for whether an anti-doping regime can be successfully established I think this is a good start and feel that public shaming is probably the best way to get standards put into place in such a decentralized industry like esports. If tournaments start introducing standards than I think it puts pressure on others. Anti-doping is probably one of the most successful possible applications of shaming since there really aren’t good pro-doping arguments out there. Developers and likely most players are unified in opposing it (I assume), so I think this is one area where I am quite confident that an industry standard might come about just due to internal pressure though I could imagine that the list of banned substances might vary from competition to competition.

    Also on a tangent that I find really interesting is the list of banned substances, it includes weed as a banned substance during competitions. Is marijuana performance enhancing? I would rather have thought it was precisely the opposite…