News of the Week; April 4, 2018


  1. Lindsay Lohan loses Grand Theft Auto V lawsuit on appeal: It’s game over for the actress, as an appeals court finds a game character Lohan called her “unequivocal” likeness is rather a “generic … twentysomething woman.”
  2. Lindsay Lohan’s GTA 5 Lawsuit Rejected Again: “We conclude…that the subject images are not recognizable as plaintiff.”
  3. Court rejects Lindsay Lohan’s appeal in GTA V likeness lawsuit 
  4. Loot box latest: Big Fish Casino decision reversed by US Court
  5. Big Fish Casino constitutes illegal gambling under Washington law
  6. Monolith removes loot boxes from Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Mechanic “risked undermining the heart of our game,” says developer
  7. Developer removes randomized loot boxes from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Monolith says paid market “compromises” the game “even if you don’t buy anything.”
  8. Shadow of War is being completely stripped of microtransactions
  9. Social Casino Game Found to Be Illegal Gambling 
  10. Judge Refuses to Dismiss Copyright Lawsuit Over LeBron James Tattoo in ‘NBA 2K’: Take-Two attempted to argue that its use of LeBron James’ tattoo was de minimis or fair use.
  11. Judge Swain: Discovery Necessary to Determine “Fair Use” of NBA Tattoos in Video Game 
  12. Take-Two Fails To Get NBA2K Tattoo Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed
  13. Niantic settles Pokemon Go class action lawsuit for $1.5M
  14. Niantic pays $1.6 million settlement over failed Pokemon Go event: Attendees can get reimbursed for incurred travel expenses.
  15. Niantic settling Pokemon Go Fest lawsuit for $1.6 million – Report: Resolution will see developer reimburse travel costs for attendees of last year’s disastrous Chicago event
  16. “Patent troll” doubles down, now accuses Clicker Heroes maker of libel – Lawyer for Playsaurus: “Stop sending baseless letters with draconian demands.”
  17. IGF Award-winning Baba Is You cloned before it was even released
  18. Eugen Systems devs hit out at management after six weeks on strike
  19. Eugen Systems striking devs going to labour court: Employees initiating proceedings against Steel Division – Normandy 44 studio after six weeks with no progress in negotiations
  20. Ageism: The issue never gets old – Veteran game developers share thoughts on how big a problem age discrimination actually is, and how to get around it
  21. 69% of large UK games firms have bigger gender pay gap than national average: King and Rockstar added to database, based on businesses with 250 or more employees
  22. Ubisoft’s plans to tackle toxicity in Rainbow Six: Siege – Permanent bans, mute text chat, chat filtering and team kill detection all in the works
  23. To prevent toxicity, design games with community management in mind
  24. Blog: It’s not me. It’s you – surviving a toxic workplace
  25. Blizzard experiments with machine learning to fight Overwatch toxicity 
  26. Blog: Working on controversial shooter Six Days in Fallujah
  27. China’s Tencent Proves You Can Make A Decent Profit From Online Publishing — If You Have A Platform With A Billion Users
  28. Twitch Streamer Ninja Draws Backlash For Using N-Word During ‘Fortnite’ Stream
  29. Citing “Adjustments,” Twitch Lays Off Approximately 25 Employees
  30. Twitch undergoes layoffs: Streaming site confirms “team adjustments in some departments,” plans to increase headcount by 30% this year
  31. Research reveals most popular esports on Twitch: Nearly three times as many MOBA streamers than any other genre
  32. Superdata: Fortnite has more monthly active users than GTA Online – Battle Royale game earned more additional content revenue than any other console title in February – except Call of Duty
  33. Fortnite is taking over the sports world
  34. World’s largest esports organisations sign up for Clash Royale League: 36 teams from North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America to compete in $1 million World Final
  35. Gearing up for e-sport: Seizing opportunities and tackling legal issues
  36. Competitive sniping game SpyPartyfinally hitting Steam after eight years: Could an indie game about psychological stare-downs truly emerge as an esports star?
  37. It’s more than luck: what devs should keep in mind when creating an ‘indie hit’
  38. Blog: Some notes on indie publishing 
  39. The Rise Of Vsports: A New Category Of Sport Powered By Video Technology
  40. A look at EA Sports’ push for more accessible sports games
  41. Premium mobile game Hitman Sniper passes 10M players
  42. Hitman Sniper passes 10m players: Mobile spin-off likely the best-selling entry in the series to date
  43. The Nintendo Switch has surpassed 4M sales in Japan
  44. Nintendo Switch reaches four million sold in Japan – report: Famitsu numbers put Nintendo’s console two weeks behind the Wii in hitting the milestone
  45. Ni No Kuni developer Level-5 bringing all future main titles to Switch
  46. Blog: How Breath of the Wild brings maturity to Nintendo’s game design
  47. Ubisoft Extends IBM Watson Support for ‘Bridge Crew’ Through 2018
  48. Far Cry 5 UK launch is the biggest in Far Cry history: Strong Easter sales all round for the boxed games market as Ubisoft ends March on a high
  49. Anime Streaming Service Crunchyroll Releases Its First Game
  50. Amazon officially benches Breakaway: Fantasy sports game no longer in active development as team focuses on other projects
  51. Apple’s clones crackdown leads to App Store shrinking: Number of new iOS releases drops for the first time since marketplace launched in 2008
  52. Steam Spy: $20 games took biggest share of Steam’s total revenue in 2017 – Sergey Galyonkin questions the power of $10 “sweet spot” for Steam prices
  53. Valve: ‘Steam Machines aren’t exactly flying off shelves’
  54. Valve says it’s “still working hard” on Linux gaming: SteamOS maker admits that “Steam machines aren’t exactly flying off the shelves.”
  55. Valve hasn’t given up on Steam Machines: Company admits sales are slow, but says ‘store delisting’ is nothing more than routine cleanup
  56. Valve quietly dials back Steam Machine presence on Steam
  57. SteamSpy: $20 and $60 were the top-earning Steam game prices last year
  58. Surviving a decade in indie dev: What’s kept Mommy’s Best Games going for 11 years? Nathan Fouts details 21 things that helped the Pig Eat Ball outfit get by, and might help others as well
  59. Why is early stage funding tough to find for game start-ups?: Makers Fund founding partner Jay Chi wants to solve a shortage of Series A support in the market; portfolio includes Bossa, Typhoon, Tiny Build, Superdata, and more
  60. “I’m not sure that games like this one can continue to be made…”: Where the Water Tastes Like Wine developer Johnnemann Nordhagen reflects on his game’s surprising commercial struggles
  61. Asymmetric smashed West of Loathing sales target by halving launch price: Original $20 price tag would have discouraged impulse buys, says founder Zack Johnson
  62. Indie comics platform Tapas Media embarks on major games push: Digital publisher keen to share its IP and fictional universes with developers across all platforms.
  63. Assassin’s Creed’s New Discovery Mode Is What Museums Will Look Like In The Future
  64. Everything you missed from GDC 2018: #1ReasonToBe, artificial intelligence, and the latest from Unreal and Unity were the hot topics in San Francisco this year
  65. Despite faltering profits, hardware and software sales rise at GameStop 
  66. GameStop annual income down by $300m due to fourth quarter “asset impairment”: Sales up 7.2 per cent to $9.2 billion with net income of $34.7 million
  67. 10 Years Ago This Month: A swath of studio closures suggests how significantly the HD era upended the status quo
  68. Record-breaking VR/AR start-ups raised over $3.6bn in last 12 months: Video games one of only two sectors to secure more than 10% of investment deals
  69. Virtual reality could encourage pro-social behaviour and empathy in children: Parents aren’t convinced however, and just 38 per cent agree
  70. HTC launching $1,100 starter kit to trim $150 off Vive Pro buy-in
  71. New Vive Pro bundle cuts headset price by $100: HTC marks VR device’s second anniversary with new offer to clarify upgrade confusion
  72. HTC Vive Pro review: Eye-popping VR, with a price that’s a little too real: Is a $799 upgrade price (or $1,099 brand-new) justified for this jump in quality?
  73. Blockchain is games’ new tech obsession: Early tech adoption is part of the essence of the games industry – but proposals to integrate blockchain into companies’ businesses, not just their games, should give us pause
  74. GDPR-K: How the kids data privacy law affects games publishers everywhere – SuperAwesome MD Max Bleyleben explains why it’s not enough to look for GDPR compliance – in the kids’ space, you also need GDPR-K compliance
  75. PC Building Simulator is (most of) the fun of building a PC—without pricey GPUs: It’s not very challenging, but it nails the basics of building gaming PCs.
  76. Experimental Controllers Could Change Gaming For Good
  77. Warner Bros. steps up as Hitman publisher
  78. Don’t Miss: How Slime Rancher succeeds through emergent storytelling
  79. An actual gaming Easter egg was unlocked on an Atari Jaguar cartridge today: Modern-day publisher AtariAge confirmed secret has been hidden on carts for a year.
  80. More than ‘Orcs in Space’: Devs measure the enduring influence of StarCraft
  81. Ready Player One’s film adaptation isn’t even good enough as a kids movie: Everything here – character development, CGI, geek-cred references – disappoints.
  82. Ready Player One Is A Virtually Empty Good Time
  83. Blog: A postmortem on my game design degree


  1. Trump admin wants to track 14 million US visitors’ social media history
  2. Republican governor forced to stop blocking Facebook users who criticize him: Maryland gov. settled free speech lawsuit – Trump is still fighting a similar suit.
  3. US Might Start A Nuclear War… Because Iranians Wanted Access To Academic Papers Locked Behind A Paywall?
  4. Facebook: It wasn’t 50M hit by Cambridge Analytica breach, but rather 87M – Also, Facebook will now delete all call and SMS logs older than one year.
  5. Facebook Exposed 87 Million Users To Cambridge Analytica
  6. Facebook executive defends memo saying connecting people online is good even if ‘someone dies in a terrorist attack’
  7. Facebook Executive Defends Leaked Memo saying Growth Is Good Even If  ‘Domeone Dies In A Terror Attack’
  8. Influencers are getting long-term contracts that treat them more like traditional talent: In a 2016 memo, Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth wrote “Maybe it costs a life by exposing someone to bullies.” Thursday, he renounced the statements.
  9. With GDPR Decision, Zuckerberg Proves Yet Again He Has Learned Absolutely Nothing From the Cambridge Analytica Scandal
  10. The Case For A Zuck-Free Facebook
  11. Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress next week: Members of Congress want answers about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 
  12. Tim Cook Says Apple Would Never Have a Scandal Like Cambridge Analytica
  13. A Short History Of Facebook’s Privacy Gaffes
  14. Don’t Just Delete Facebook — Delete Well
  15. Report: Facebook Staff Suddenly Concerned About Privacy, Specifically Theirs
  16. CEO says Facebook will impose new EU privacy rules “everywhere”: “We have to ensure that everyone in our ecosystem protects people’s information.”
  17. Mark Zuckerberg Hints Most Facebook Users Won’t Benefit From New Privacy Rules
  18. Computer science faces an ethics crisis. The Cambridge Analytica scandal proves it.
  19. Cambridge Analytica’s processing of Facebook’s users’ data for predictive psychological profiling and voter micro targeting: The 2018 ICO investigation against Cambridge Analytica’s practices on Facebookc – An international wake-up call
  20. How Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook targeting model really worked
  21. Facebook and Cambridge Analytica (Bruce Schneier)
  22. Facebook’s New Data-Sharing Policies Are Crashing Tinder
  23. Can Social Media Be Saved?
  24. It Took All Of Three Hours To Code A Plugin That Makes News Comments More Civil
  25. Four problems for news and democracy: Here are some “buckets” for making sense of why: addiction, economics, bad actors and known bugs (Ethan Zuckerman)
  26. Oracle America, Inc. v. Google LLC 
  27. Court Shows SESTA Is Not Needed: Says Backpage Can Lose Its CDA 230 Protections If It Helped Create Illegal Content 
  28. Yet Another Court Says Victims Don’t Need SESTA/FOSTA To Go After Backpage 
  29. Sex Workers Fighting Back Against SESTA/FOSTA With Their Own Social Network… And Plan To Expose Politicians
  30. Yet Another Case Highlights Yet Another Constitutional Infirmity With The DMCA
  31. Judge Blocks Iowa Town From Shutting Down Or Suing Resident Over His Critical Website
  32. Court Says PACER System Is Illegally Using Fees
  33. Lawyer Behind Failing Sham To Protect Sketchy Patents Sends Bogus Copyright Cease & Desist To Blogger
  34. Conservative Wingnuts Celebrate Easter by Complaining About Google Doodles, Like Jesus Would
  35. Google employees revolt, say company should shut down military drone project: Project applying Google’s image recognition to military drone footage causes uproar.
  36. Court Tosses Dennis Prager’s Silly Lawsuit Against YouTube, Refuses His Request For Preliminary Injunction
  37. Michigan State University Reportedly Spent $500k To Monitor The Social Media Accounts Of Larry Nassar’s Accusers And Journalists
  38. YouTube Shooting Spree Injures 4, Kills 1
  39. Police confirm one dead, three wounded after shooting at YouTube HQ
  40. 4 Wounded, Suspect Dead Following Shooting At YouTube’s San Bruno Headquarters 
  41. YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam Complained The Company Ruined Her Life
  42. Police Say YouTube Policies Motivated Shooter 
  43. YouTube shooter IDed as woman angry at site’s “age-restricted” policies
  44. Tragic YouTube shooting casts new light on creators’ “adpocalypse” complaints: Alleged shooter left a video behind with complaints about revenue. What’s going on? 
  45. What We Know About YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam
  46. Livid over site’s policies, YouTube shooter trained for attack, shot randomly
  47. As YouTube Cracks Down On Firearm Videos, Niche Video Platforms Look To Seize An Opportunity
  48. Film Critic Chris Stuckmann Calls Out Universal For Abusing YouTube’s Copyright-Claiming System
  49. Jake Paul Planning Talk Show For YouTube Red 
  50. Influencers are getting long-term contracts that treat them more like traditional talent
  51. Luis Fonsi And Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” Is The First YouTube Video To Receive Five Billion Views
  52. Fullscreen Acquires Influencer-Marketing Firm Reelio 
  53. DramaFever Names Rena Liu GM, Acquires Select ‘Bachelorette’ Streaming Rights
  54. Quixotic Approaches To Circumventing Censorship, Using Books And Music
  55. The Inside Story Of Reddit’s Redesign: Goodbye, dystopian Craigslist. There’s a new Reddit, and it’s all grown up.
  56. Snapchat Lays Off Roughly 100 Staffers For The Second Time This Month
  57. Snapchat Tries Explaining Itself To The Masses In First TV Commercial
  58. Snapchat Expands Video Chats To Include 16 People At Once
  59. Spotify And The Triumph Of The Subscription Model 
  60. Disney To Launch $5 Monthly ESPN+ Streaming Service On April 12
  61. ESPN To Combat Cord-Cutting By Putting Once Kinda Free Content Behind A New Paywall
  62. Twitter to live stream weekly MLB games in renewed deal 
  63. Twitter To Air Weekly MLB Games In Renewed Streaming Pact
  64. NBA To Experiment With Cheap 4th Quarter Only Streaming Options
  65. Uber Settles with Family of AV Crash Victim
  66. Amazon Lost $53 Billion in One Day Because Trump Has Opinions
  67. Here’s how President Trump could go after Amazon
  68. Photographing A Robot Isn’t Just Point And Shoot
  69. Russia Debuts Postal Drone, Which Immediately Crashes Into Wall
  70. Emmanuel Macron Talks To Wired About France’s AI Strategy
  71. Not Everything Needs Copyright: Lawyers Flip Out That Photos Taken By AI May Be Public Domain
  72. Artificial Intelligence Rules More of Your Life. Who Rules AI?: Tech companies are working on standards for the field, though critics see their efforts as attempts to stave off government oversight
  73. AI Engineers Must Open Their Designs To Democratic Control
  74. Mini Brains Just Got Creepier – They’re Growing Their Own Veins
  75. A Cruise self-driving car got a traffic ticket – GM says it did nothing wrong: Cruise says its car never came within 10 feet of a pedestrian.
  76. Uber settles with family of woman killed by self-driving car, avoids lawsuit: Uber and family settle out of court after self-driving car hit pedestrian.
  77. Tesla says Autopilot was active during fatal crash in Mountain View: Tesla argues the data still show Autopilot makes its cars safer.
  78. What Can The Law Do About `Deepfake’?
  79. How Grubhub Analyzed 4,000 Dishes To Predict Your Next Order
  80. Elon Musk’s April Fools’ Prank Totally Backfired
  81. JFK And The Right Of Publicity
  82. When You Can Make ‘JFK’ Say Anything, What’s Stopping Him From Selling Doritos? 
  83. FTC Targets Cryptocurrency Pyramid Schemes 
  84. Google Bans All Cryptomining Extensions From The Chrome Store
  85. Google bans cryptomining Chrome extensions because they refuse to play by the rules: Google continues to try to keep its browser running smoothly in spite of others’ efforts.
  86. Banning cryptocurrency ads is “short-sighted”
  87. Cryptocurrency Pays Price for Alleged Harm With Ad Ban
  88. Two founders of cryptocurrency offering arrested, charged with fraud – Centra Tech’s lawyer said last year: “It’s certainly not a scam.”
  89. Blockchain caught in regulatory crossfire: Without clearly defined regulations for products based on blockchain technology, the future of this industry remains uncertain
  90. Ethical Obligations and Blogging: ABA Opinion Serves as Reminder 
  91. The Condom Snorting Challenge Is Tide Pods’ Final Revenge
  92. Witches, Frog-Gods, And The Deepening Schism Of Internet Religions
  93. Reporting Sexual Harassment In The Digital Age
  94. Apple Music update fills the void left by MTV with exclusive music videos
  95. Insights: Apple Just Launched Its MTV, So When Will It Launch Its Netflix?
  96. RIAA Reports Music Industry Is Making All The Money Just As New Study Says Piracy Has Never Been More Widespread
  97. Hated Science Publisher Elsevier To Help EU Monitor Open Science – Including Open Access
  98. The Wired Guide To Memes: Everything you ever wanted to know about Nyan Cat, Doge, and the art of the Rickroll.
  99. Canadian Internet Law Update – 2017


  1. Details announced for statutory review of Canada’s Copyright Act. Phased review projected to be completed in 2019.
  2. Canadian Copyright Law Review Takes Shape: Report Not Expected Until 2019 (Michael Geist)
  3. Storytellers and Artists May Continue To Rejoice – Feud: Bette and Joan Is Fully Protected By The First Amendment 
  4. Malaysian Government Pushes ‘Fake News’ Bill Aimed At Curb-Stomping Reporting About Its Corruption
  5. Court Says Scraping Websites And Creating Fake Profiles Can Be Protected By The First Amendment
  6. School Sells Out Students’ First Amendment Rights, Apologizes And Deletes Article Containing Controversial Images
  7. Judge Tosses Charges Against Journalist Who Published Docs Leaked To Her By A Police Officer
  8. Report Alleges Ren & Stimpy Creator John Kricfalusi Took Advantage of Underage Girls Interested in Animation
  9. Me Too Is Changing Even The Smarmiest Advertisers
  10. Report: Dumb Beer Ad Phrase Banned From The Masters
  11. How Do You Know You Are Reading This?
  12. Levi v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
  13. De Becdelievre v. Anastasia Musical LLC 
  14. Despite Podcast’s Popularity, “SERIAL” Trademark Registration Denied as Generic
  15. University Of Illinois Attempts To Trademark Bully An Alumnus After Failing To Stop His Trademark Registration
  16. Copyright – 2017 Year in Review
  17. Black Panther Has Beaten Titanic to Become the Third Highest Grossing US Theatrical Release of All Time
  18. 2001: A Space Odyssey predicted The Future – 50 Years Ago


  1. UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression: Website Blocking Plan “Raises Serious Inconsistencies” With Canada’s Human Rights Obligations (Michael Geist)
  2. Conservative MP on Bell Site Blocking Plan: “Canadians Should be Concerned” (Michael Geist)
  3. Telus’ Website Blocking Submission: No Copyright Expertise Needed and No Net Neutrality Violation if Everyone is Doing It (Michael Geist)
  4. My CRTC Submission on the Bell Coalition Site Blocking Plan: Why it is Disproportionate, Harmful, and Inconsistent With Global Standards (Michael Geist)
  5. Aussie Rightsholders Look To Feature Creep Site-Blocking To Search-Blocking, Because Of Course They Are
  6. Canadian Ownership Rules in Telecom and Broadcasting
  7. Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on Interaction between Arbitration Clauses and Class Proceedings: TELUS Communications Inc. v. Avraham Wellman 
  8. Sinclair forced TV anchors to criticize “fake” news – and Trump loved it: Sinclair echoes Trump’s “fake news” claims while seeking US approval of a merger.
  9. Ex-Fox News contributor: I was silenced on Russia because I didn’t back Trump
  10. Ex-Fox News contributor says he was kept off air because he wouldn’t ‘unswervingly support President Trump‘ 
  11. I was not allowed to be the voice of sanity on Russia at Fox News. I had to quit
  12. One of Rachael Ray’s Companies Has Pulled Its Ads From Laura Ingraham’s Show 
  13. A day after Laura Ingraham faced boycotts over taunting a Parkland survivor, she’s apologizing
  14. Advertisers Continue Exodus After Parkland Survivor Rejects Laura Ingraham Apology: “#ShutUpAndBeObjective”
  15. Laura Ingraham’s advertisers aren’t buying her apology, either
  16. Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Is Going on ‘Vacation’ As Advertisers Bail 
  17. How America’s Largest Local TV Owner Turned Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump’s War On The Media 
  18. This San Diego Radio Station Has Existed For A Month And Is Already A Disaster
  19. Federal Court Curbs FCC Robocall Restrictions 
  20. FCC Continues War on Pirate Radio – Seizes Equipment of Boston Stations While New Legislative Tools May Be on the Way 
  21. Ajit Pai faces heat over proposal to take away poor people’s broadband plans: Pai offered no evidence that plan will boost network investment, Democrats say.
  22. FCC Boss Under Fire For Facts-Optional Attack On Low-Income Broadband Programs
  23. Super-Local Broadband May Be The Best Way to Preserve Net Neutrality
  24. Telecom Lobbyists: We’ll Fight State Efforts To Protect Net Neutrality For A ‘United And Connected Future’
  25. Comcast supports ban on paid prioritization – with an exception: Instead of total ban, Comcast wants exception for specialized services.
  26. Comcast’s Top Lobbyist Is Pushing A Net Neutrality ‘Compromise’ That Isn’t
  27. FCC approves SpaceX plan to launch 4,425 broadband satellites 
  28. Charter fails to prove that its employees purposely caused cable outages: Charter lawsuit against union dismissed by judge as strike enters second year.
  29. CenturyLink fights billing-fraud lawsuit by claiming that it has no customers: CenturyLink operates via subsidiaries that enforce mandatory arbitration clauses. 


  1.  Yahoo! Cyber breach settlement gives shareholders cause for cheer 
  2. DOJ Asks Supreme Court To Dump Microsoft Case, Let It Use New CLOUD Act To Demand Overseas Data
  3. If You Jaywalk in China, Facial Recognition Means You’ll Walk Away With A Fine
  4. Grindr won’t share users’ HIV status with app contractors after outcry
  5. It’s Grindr’s Turn In The Barrel As America Finally Decides To Care About Consumer Privacy 
  6. Truckers Take On Trump Over Electronic Surveillance Rules
  7. Appeals Court Has No Problem With Cops Using E911 Services To Perform Warrantless, Real-Time Tracking 
  8. Feds: There are hostile stingrays in DC, but we don’t know how to find them – There’s also “anomalous activity” – probably stingrays – in other US cities, too. 
  9. Want to hack a voting machine? Hack the voting machine vendor first: How password reuse and third-party breaches leave voting machine vendors vulnerable to attack.
  10. The Billion-Dollar Hacking Group Behind A String Of Big Breaches
  11. Beware The Academic Vanity Honeypot: How a hacker weaponized flattery and took over my Twitter account. 
  12. What Happens When You Track Your Boyfriend On Strava
  13. Hacking your brain(scan): security bugs in EEG software open hospitals to attack – Cisco Talos reveals “multiple vulnerabilities” in hardware common at hospitals.
  14. Finally extradited from Europe, suspected LinkedIn hacker faces US charges
  15. Coming Soon (or at least by November): Government Sets a Date for Data Breach Disclosure Rules To Take Effect (Michael Geist)
  16. Practical Approaches to Big Data Privacy Over Time (Micah Altman, Alexandra Wood, David R. O’Brien and Urs Gasser)