Guild Ace Attorneys

Our topic will be Technology and Change.


Louisa, Jim, Dan, Bill (Scribe)


The Ace Attorneys consist of four law students of various backgrounds, each possessing unique skills and abilities. Their story began when the four students stumbled across an unknown hooded figure as they walked along the street. This figure called himself Jon. He handed them a small flask, asking them to drink from it. This curious elixir transported the students to the basement of the law building. It is here that they were tasked with passing around an orb of mysterious origin, granting them strange powers. These powers included the attentiveness to read through vast amounts of case law without falling asleep, the foresight needed to be one step ahead of any opponent’s argument, and the ability to practice law without ever getting licensed. They knew that this was a sign to become what they were always destined to be - the Ace Attorneys. With these newfound powers and sense of purpose, the Ace Attorneys set out on their journey in pursuit of justice.