The Stanley Parable and Contracts

I finally got around to looking for the demo for “The Stanley Parable” game discussed previously. This involved signing up for Steam, an act I had avoided for reasons of removing temptations whilst still a student.

Thus the entire process of getting the game off the internet and downloading involved assenting to four separate legal agreements. Each of these appeared to be longer and more complicated than my 5 figure student loan agreement with the bank.

All in service towards, what is basically viewing an advertisement for the real product.

We truly live in a time of madness.

One response to “The Stanley Parable and Contracts”

  1. zhefei

    An interesting review for the game:

    Liked this part in particular: “That’s something that games can do,” he said, “there’s a space between the developer’s intentions and what the player actually does, so the player has to fill that gap in themselves. No other medium is capable of that.”

    Does the player ultimately play to the developer’s intentions, or will the player be able to input their own intentions into a game? What if the latter was the developer’s intentions all along?