News of the Week; July 16, 2014


1. Mastering the Game: Business and Legal Issues for Video Game Developers (Creative industries – No. 8 – WIPO)

2. In Re Nintendo of Am., Inc.

3. Warner Bros. Censorship of Greenpeace Lego Video Backfires

4. ‘MineORama’ Organizer Cancels Event at Last Minute After Selling $540K in Tickets

5. Minecraft: how a change to the rules is tearing the community apart

6. Soccer Video Game Developed by College Students Proves to Reduce Violence Against Women and Girls

7. Frustration vs. Video Game Violence in Real-Life Aggression

8. Can joy be more ‘adult’ than violence?

9. This free, quick game shares the risks and rewards of coming out

10. Gender Differences in Emotional Responses to Cooperative and Competitive Game Play

11. Blizzard working to improve inclusivity – Morhaime

12. Kim Kardashian Video Game on Track to Earn $200 Million

13. Fan Pirates Game, Accidentally Tells Developer About It

14. Video Games Make a Convenient Scapegoat for Weak Students

15. Google’s Regina Dugan Joins Zynga Board

16. Another Study Suggests Acting Immorally In Video Games Actually Makes Players More Moral

17. ‘Game Journalism Simulator’ is a Real Thing, Apparently

18. Blizzard will launch Diablo III in China

19. Can video games be sports?

20. Where Virtual Meets Real: Ingress, a Mobile Game From Google

21. The Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

22. After 23 years a new Super Mario World glitch is discovered

23. A Quest for the Secret Origins of Lost Video-Game Levels

24. Where have Japan’s gamers gone?

25. Microsoft CEO commits to Xbox

26. Richard Bartle: “Free-to-play has a half-life”


27. American Bar Association urges against file sharing lawsuits

28. Canadians That Access U.S. Netflix May Be in a Legal Grey Zone, But They Are Not Stealing

29. Aereo: Hey, we’re a cable company after all!

30. The Lost and Found Legacy of Barbara Ringer

31. Why Silicon Valley needs the coder grrrls of Double Union, the feminist hacker space: The lack of women in the tech world isn’t just a pipeline problem–it’s one of rampant sexism.

32. Vagina selfie for 3D printers lands Japanese artist in trouble

33. FTC Sues Amazon Over In-App Purchases

34. Senator Asks FTC to Look Into Facebook Mood Experiment

Hard Questions About Big Data

35. German Cartel Office Says Google, Other Tech Giants Could Be Regulated Like Utilities

36. Your favorite mobile apps leave a trail of cookie crumbs: We monitor our own smartphone traffic to see how much data apps are giving up.

37. Netflix Performance on Verizon Continues to Decline in June

38. The Most Frustrating And Painful Phone Call We’ve Ever Heard (Comcast/consumer)

39. Google, Canon, Dropbox and Others Pool Patents to Ward Off Trolls


40. A Game as Literary Tutorial: Dungeons & Dragons Has Influenced a Generation of Writers

41. When all you have is a Captain Hammer …

42. The reality show: Schizophrenics used to see demons and spirits. Now they talk about actors and hidden cameras – and make a lot of sense