News of the Week; July 2, 2014

1. Oculus Portrays Accuser as Opportunist, in Lawsuit Over Virtual Reality Technology

Oculus: ZeniMax lawsuit is sour grapes over missed investment opportunity

2. The Future Is Now: Cheating In Online Games Leads To Arrests In Japan

3. First Defendant in 38 Studios Lawsuit Settles for $4.4 Million

4. Ubisoft Found ‘Not Guilty’ in DRM Infringement Case

5. Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over Grand Theft Auto V

6. Microsoft court order has removed Chess 2: The Sequel’s servers

7. King Candy’s Trademark Attempt at Crushing The Banner Saga

8. Chinese Mobile Games Giant Embroiled in Bribery Scandal

9. Gamblit Gaming Software Gets Certified By U.K. Gambling Commission

10. The legal loophole of advergames: How ads disguised as video games are impacting today’s youth

11. – 1 million channels and rising

12. Here are the countries bringing in the most video game revenue

13. Building a Warship for the Video Game Generation

14. Killer drone report downplays “PlayStation mentality” of pilots

15. BioWare Reveals First Gay Companion Character in ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’

16. Research: Bad Behavior in Games Can Lead to Pro-Social Behavior In Real Life

17. New Toledo Museum of Art exhibit examines the artistry of video games, and you can play Pac-Man, too

18. 10 Best Video Games Made In Vancouver

19. Aereo “Pauses” Service in Light of Supreme Court Defeat

Supreme Court Uses The Bizarre ‘Looks Like A Cable Duck’ Test To Outlaw Aereo

We’ll Never Know the Internet We Lost

The walls erected by traditional media

Analysis: Aereo’s death leaves cloud computing hanging in the balance

The Aereo Decision – Canadian Content?

Four Unanswered Questions From Aereo’s Supreme Court Loss

Why the Aereo Shutdown Will Be a Disaster for Broadcast TV

20. Facebook’s science experiment on users shows the company is even more powerful and unethical than we thought

Even the Editor of Facebook’s Mood Study Thought It Was Creepy

As Flies to Wanton Boys

Facebook Says It’s Sorry. We’ve Heard That Before.

21. F.T.C. Accuses T-Mobile of Fraud in Billing

22. Google begins removing links under “right to be forgotten” ruling

23. The NSA Revelations All in One Chart

24. Cops must have a warrant to search cell phones, rules Supreme Court

25. Facebook threatened with contempt for fighting NY over user privacy

26. Tinder Is Target of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Amid sexual harassment allegations, dating app Tinder suspends co-founder

27. The end of the Canadian “iPod tax” saga

28. California Legalizes Bitcoin and Other Cash Alternatives

29. Why More Start-Ups Are Sharing Ideas Without Legal Protection

30. The lost promise of the Internet: Meet the man who almost invented cyberspace