Course Video & Notes

Class 10 – 11/14/18; “Mass Effect-s” + “Mobile Gaming: The ‘Freemium’ Model & The Law”

Slides from today. Video coming…really…it is.

Note that in  “Mobile Gaming” slides there is a part that there was not time for during the presentation about kids mobile games and COPPA violations in the US that you may find interesting.


Class 9 – 11/7/18; “Controlling Originality” + “Gamify Everything”

Slides here. Video to come.


Class 8 – 10/31/18; “From Wheelbarrows to Holodecks: Conundrums of Technology & Law in the Future of Video-Games” + “esports”

So far just slides. More to come obviously…


Class 7 – 10/24/18; “What’s it all about…EULA?” + “Ratings and Censorship of Video Games”

Video and slides below. Sorry that the slides had to be split into 3 parts, the last two of which being the loot box section. That was even after culling the loot box section to really center on the Battlefront narrative, as that focuses the storytelling better without missing any essential components.


Class 6 – 10/17/18; “Consumers & Users As Creators & Connectors: Cases, Clauses, & Contexts” + “The Implications of Copyright Law on Video-game Streamers”

Slides & video from the class.


Talk at VGBA North; October 16, 2018

Was honoured to speak at the Video Game Bar Association event at the Centre for Digital Media on Tuesday October 16, 2018 on the subject of  A.I. & Video-Games. My slides can be found below…


Class 5 – 10/10/18; “Connecting Ourselves: Gamer Vulnerability in Virtual Realities” + ” Are You in Control of Your Mind?”

Video and slides below. Sorry that my slides had to be divided into two parts due to the size of the file.


Class 4 – 10/3/18; “Right to CreaTE or Rights to the Creation” + “Our Virtual Rights: Virtually Non-Existent?”

Slides & video below…


Discussion Outline October 3rd

Discussion Topic

How does our regulation of rights in the real world compare to our regulation of rights in video games? What can game creators do to fill the in-game legal void – and what are the consequences if they fail?

Issues Covered

Below are the sub-topics our presentation will consider, as well as some focusing questions.

  1. The regulation of electronic property as compared to physical property
  • What are the tangible (or intangible) differences between electronic and physical property?
  • What is the legal difference between purchasing a digital copy of a game, compared to buying it as a disc?
  1. In-game trading and virtual theft
  • What are the rights of a game owner when it comes to real-world trading? Can you sell products obtained in-game for real-world money?
  • What property rights do virtual goods attract, and how can the law account for virtual theft?
  1. How the law can address virtual sexual assault
  • What role should (or could) the law play in addressing sexual assault perpetrated virtually? What obstacles to regulation might arise?
  • What other approaches can game designers take to protect their players?
  1. The law’s role in regulating real-world crimes (against a person) in a virtual world
  • Can defamation exist in video games and virtual realities?
  • How can the law address issues of defamation in video games?


Please watch the video attached to this interview with the CEO of EA games, and consider what legal implications will result from the increased integration of video games into our daily lives that he’s predicting:

Video & Slides from talk at the Emerging Media Lab Lecture Series

On Tuesday September 25, 2018, I was privileged to give a talk which navigated the legal corrolories to the technological path from video-game mods through advanced VR all the way to completely personalized worlds powered by advanced artificial intelligence. It’s a long and winding road that ends with raising questions regarding how Rule of Law principles might themselves  be transformed at some point in in the future.

If you are interested, video and slides can be found below.