News of the Week; August 16, 2017


  1. Retired Dutch soccer player wins lawsuit against Riot Games
  2. Former footballer Edgar Davids wins lawsuit against Riot Games: Judge rules that League of Legends developer used Davids’ likeness for Striker Lucian skin
  3. Take-Two argues fair use in NBA 2K tattoo lawsuit: Eventual ruling may have an impact on ownership laws around the video game medium
  4. Video Game Maker Argues “Fair Use” of Images of NBA Player Tattoos 
  5. Accessory Company Sues Nintendo Over Switch Design: Gamevice demands a ban on all Switch sales.
  6. Nintendo hit with lawsuit over Switch console design
  7. Nintendo sued over alleged patent violation by Switch controllers: Wikipad creator Gamevice claims removable Joy-Cons violates its patents
  8. Disney, Unity face lawsuit over collection of personal info through kids games
  9. Disney and Unity accused of collecting children’s personal information: More alleged COPPA violations in the US as 42 Disney games included in lawsuit
  10. How A Board Game Aboutbitter Legal Struggles Became A Bitter Legal Struggle: After Andrew Yoon drowned, his mother and best friend fought for control of the board game he created.
  11. Blatant clone or marketing hoax? The curious case of Tokyo 41 and Tokyo 42: The “demake” trend gets twisted with a touch of ARG (alternate reality game) panache.
  12. How ‘World Of Warcraft’ Spawned Steve Bannon And The Alt-Right As We Know It
  13. Discord shuts down server and accounts linked to white supremacists
  14. Discord clamps down on hate groups: Gaming chat and text app blocks alt-right server and bans users
  15. Baseball club trips over logo: The US Major League Baseball MLB is considering filing an opposition to the registration of a new logo by the Overwatch League, an online video game competition. MLB claims the logo too closely resembles its own MLB trademark.
  16. is called again, just like it always was: The “Blizzard Launcher” gets un-rebranded; call it “Blizzard” now
  17. Blizzard to keep name after all: Company reverses previously announced plan to phase out moniker, will use combined Blizzard branding going forward
  18. Blizzard is bringing the name back from the dead
  19. Skins, Smurfs and Skyrim: A brief history of PC modding
  20. How one dev aims to thwart arranged marriages through game design
  21. Against Gravity: “Physical harassment in VR can be really intense” – CCO Cameron Brown on nurturing Rec Room’s thriving community, and the “very real” sense of physical threat in a virtual world
  22. ‘VRChat’ Anecdotes and Dealing with Harassment & Tolling in Social VR
  23. AltspaceVR u-turns on closure: Inspired by outpouring of support from its community, social VR space may live on
  24. Watch: Your Brain in Virtual Reality – Dive head first into the neuroscience and psychology of VR.
  25. Full-Body Virtual Sports Game Sparc Set For Release On PlayStation VR
  26. Com2uS: Successful esports “don’t just appear out of nowhere” – The developer of $1 billion hit Summoners War has slowly built up to its first major global tournament
  27. Esports event considered for Paris 2024 Olympics: Meanwhile, Finland is the latest nation to recognise professional players as athletes
  28. Paris Olympic Committee To Consider eSports For 2024
  29. Millennial Esports buys majority stake in Test Drive Unlimited dev
  30. Esports firm acquires majority stake in Eden Games: 82.5% stakes in Gear.Club and Test Drive Unlimited developer purchased for €9m
  31. The International 2017 reached 5m peak concurrent viewers: The Dota 2 tournament’s peak audience has more than doubled in three years
  32. Elon Musk’s Dota 2 AI beats the professionals at their own game: But humans did eventually prevail over the computers.
  33. Elon Musk’s OpenAI Created a Bot That Can Beat the World’s Best eSports Players
  34. Overwatch League adds first UK franchise: London team will be owned by Cloud9, second Los Angeles team will be owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
  35. Overwatch, A Game About Teamwork, Is Getting A Free-For-All Deathmatch Mode
  36. Rocket League joins Tespa’s autumnal lineup of collegiate eSports events
  37. Echo: Ex-Hitman devs bring machine learning to stealth games – “How do you interact with your own play style? That’s the core of our gameplay.”
  38. Rovio nearly doubled its revenue during the second quarter
  39. Rovio sees revenue leap 94% in second quarter: Angry Birds Evolution and Battle Bay showed the “strongest launch ARPDAU and other KPIs ever seen in Rovio Games business unit”
  40. Rovio considers raising $400 million through local IPO – report: Public listing rumours persist, with the Finnish company valued at $2 billion
  41. Report: Tencent invests in Battlegrounds dev Bluehole
  42. Bluehole squashes Tencent investment rumour: Bluehole confirms no investment was made by Chinese company
  43. Tencent’s mobile game revenue tops PC for first time ever
  44. Tencent online game revenues hit $3.56 billion in Q2: Mobile revenue exceeded PC for the first time thanks to the success of games like Honor of Kings
  45. Hutch opening Nova Scotia studio: UK motorsports developer opens Canadian office to increase output, tap new talent pool
  46. Isolation, depression “running rampant” among indies – Devolver co-founder
  47. Indies need to start charging more for games – Steam Spy: “Stop undermining your game because somehow you think it’s not worth the asking price,” says Sergey Galyonkin
  48. Mayhem Above – The do’s and don’ts of a solo dev.
  49. Stop being a stupid indie-gamedeveloper
  50. Atari hands off Pridefest: Largely abandoned mobile game given to maker of LGBTQutie dating app alongside cash investment
  51. Funcom’s The Secret World picked up for a TV series: Johnny Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil will be involved in screen adaptation of relaunched MMO
  52. Twitch rolls out its desktop app, complete with video chat
  53. Meet The Streamers Using Twitch To Pay For College
  54. Threats, fake names and philanthropy: The untold story of Jane Whittaker – From Alien vs Predator to Goldeneye, the developer discusses his journey to Keystone Games, a publisher donating profits to charity
  55. Blizzard to launch “global diversity and inclusion initiative”: Mike Morhaime wants to raise number of women and “under-represented minority groups” working at the company
  56. Fixing our broken internet culture: If we’re serious about tackling harassment of developers, start with the culture of angry entitlement encouraged by many media figures
  57. A Brief History of Game Jams
  58. Exploring Motivation: Why People Play Games for Years


  1. Tech Has The Tools To Fight Hate. It Just Needs To Use Them
  2. Racist Daily Stormer moves to Russian domain after losing .com address: The site was barely offline for 24 hours.
  3. GoDaddy Severs Ties With Daily Stormer After Charlottesville Article
  4. Google Domains, GoDaddy blacklist white supremacist site Daily Stormer: Two domain registrars say the Daily Stormer violated their terms of service.
  5. After Getting Its Website Banned, Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Gets Kicked Off YouTube, Too
  6. Racist Daily Stormer goes down again as CloudFlare drops support: Tech companies face intense pressure not to work with the hate site.
  7. CloudFlare CEO says his Daily Stormer takedown was “arbitrary” and “dangerous”: “I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet.”
  8. Why We Terminated Daily Stormer
  9. The Daily Stormer’s Last Defender In Tech Just Dropped It
  10. After losing Patreon account, crowdfunded anti-refugee ship is adrift—literally: “Defend Europe” ship rescued by refugee relief agency’s ship after engine trouble.
  11. Charlottesville White Supremacists Begin to Lose Jobs, Web Hosting Platforms
  12. Web hosting, CDN companies torn as to how to respond to racist websites: Dreamhost, meanwhile, “will host any website as long as its content is legal.”
  13. Internet turns on white supremacists and neo-Nazis with doxing, phishing: Many fear being outed from photos, but now the real cyber game against “alt-right” begins.
  14. Trump’s Retweets Were Especially Batty This Morning
  15. Trump tweets cartoon of train hitting CNN reporter
  16. One Twitter Account’s Mission To Make White Supremacists Very, Very Famous
  17. The Online Radicalisation Of Young Men (Andres Guadamuz)
  18. Nazi Crybaby Films His Own Meltdown After Threatening to Kill Charlottesville Counter-Protesters
  19. Before Getting Banned From OkCupid, White Supremacist Chris Cantwell Wrote Tips for Dating Online
  20. After Charlottesville, Grief And Humor Go Hand In Hand On Twitter
  21. Did the Army Chief of Staff Just Subtweet President Trump?
  22. Trump can block people on Twitter if he wants, administration says: As president, Trump can use Twitter however he sees fit, Justice Department says.
  23. New Media And The Messy Nature Of Reporting On The Alt-Right
  24. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich quits Trump manufacturing council: Intel boss says “divided political climate” is causing “serious harm.”
  25. Social Media Efforts to Identify Charlottesville Marchers
  26. Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election (Rob Faris, Hal Roberts, Bruce Etling, Nikki Bourassa, Ethan Zuckeman, Yochai Benkler)
  27. Defending Hateful Speech Is Unpleasant But Essential, Even When Violence Is The End Result
  28. Hacking Hate and Extremism
  29. Perspectives on Harmful Speech Online (Berkman Klein Center)
  30. Florida City Ignores All Legal Precedent As It Attempts To Silence & Identify Mild Critic
  31. Saudi Government Looking To Jail More Citizens For ‘Harming Public Order’ With Their Religious Tweets
  32. A Guide To Russia’s High Tech Tool Box For Subverting US Democracy
  33. Biohackers Encoded Malware In A Strand Of DNA
  34. Researchers encode malware in DNA, compromise DNA sequencing software: It’s a proof-of-principle, done after making DNA analysis software vulnerable.
  35. The Ultimate Virus: How Malware Encoded In Synthesized DNA Can Compromise A Computer System
  36. Google Abruptly Cancels Town Hall About That Memo
  37. Google cancels all-hands diversity meeting over safety concerns: Google feared questioners would face threats if their names leaked online.
  38. Fired Google Engineer James Damore Takes His Case to Reddit
  39. The Actual Science Of James Damore’s Google Memo
  40. Weekend ‘March on Google’ canceled, organizer says: Firing of engineer spurred calls for right-wing rally at Google offices; local counter-protest will go on as planned
  41. We Need to Talk About Online Harassment: The public forum is taking place on social media, a place where women are being systematically silenced.
  42. One Of Uber’s First Investors Sued Travis Kalanick For Fraud
  43. Investors hit Uber ex-CEO hard, sue over alleged “gross mismanagement”: Before ouster, Travis Kalanick pushed for 3 new board seats—and he still controls them.
  44. Before Getting Banned From OkCupid, White Supremacist Chris Cantwell Wrote Tips for Dating Online
  45. In wake of lawsuit, Uber investors are now publicly sniping at each other: Shervin Pishevar, other investors worry of “escalation of this fratricidal course.”
  46. The Uber Dilemma
  47. FTC says Uber took a wrong turn with misleading privacy, security promises
  48. Uber agrees to 20 years of privacy audits following FTC charges: News reports of Uber employees using “God View” got the feds’ attention.
  49. Lawyers clash over an imaged hard drive as Waymo v. Uber hurtles toward trial: “He was ordered to come clean and did not come clean.”
  50. The ‘corporate governance nightmare’ that is Snap: Social media company’s disregard of shareholder rights is wrong, says Peter Smith
  51. Snapchat’s New Feature Stitches Together Concert Videos From Multiple Stories
  52. 46% Of Influencers Say They Would Give Up Snapchat If They Were To Abandon One Platform
  53. Everything About Disney and ABC’s ‘Pink Slime’ Settlement Should Scare the Hell Out of You
  54. Social media use should comply with securities law
  55. How Section 230 Helps Sex Trafficking Victims (and SESTA Would Hurt Them)
  56. Appeals Court Mostly Fixes Bad CDA 230 Ruling Over Publicity Rights
  57. Lawyer: Yahoo Lost Sec. 230 Immunity Because It Didn’t Hand Over Personal Info; Court: GTFO
  58. What Does The New CDA – Buster Legislation Actually Say?
  59. The MPAA Narrative About Piracy Flips To Danger From Pirate Sites Now That It Has Lost The Moral Argument
  60. Judge Preska: Widespread Pirating Makes Music Price Fixing Case Unsuitable for Class Treatment
  61. Apple going all-in on original programming, to the tune of $1 billion a year: Apple could “procure and produce” as many as 10 new shows next year.
  62. Apple To Spend $1 Billion On Original Shows Over Next Year (Report)
  63. Apple Takes Bite From Data Security False Ad Suit
  64. London Mayor Fingers The Culprit In Increased Knife Crime: YouTube
  65. Warner/Chappell Issues Copyright Claim Over YouTube Video Deliberately Containing None Of Its Music
  66. How Cults Use YouTube for Recruitment
  67. Once Again, Rather Than Deleting Terrorist Propaganda, YouTube Deletes Evidence Of War Crimes
  68. Where is the YouTube left? There, elsewhere and unfocused: Not all mediums are created equal
  69. Verizon Returns Its Ads To YouTube After A Five-Month Freeze
  70. Elvis Presley Racks Up 2.8 Billion YouTube Hits To Eclipse Kanye West, Lana Del Rey
  71. Nielsen To Incorporate Views On YouTube, Facebook, And Hulu Into Digital Ratings
  72. The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter: Young-adult books are being targeted in intense social-media callouts, draggings, and pile-ons — sometimes before anybody’s even read them.
  73. Investors rescue embattled SoundCloud with $170 million lifeline: The company laid off 40 percent of its workforce in July.
  74. SoundCloud, now Vimeo of Sound, instead of YouTube of Sound?
  75. CBS, Citing The NFL, Says Broadcasters And Streamers Can Coexist
  76. As A Streaming Future Looms, ESPN Is Damned If It Does, Damned If It Doesn’t
  77. Can Oath, The Arranged Media Marriage Of Yahoo And Aol, Avoid A Rough Divorce?: Can two once-great Internet behemoths come together harmoniously in an age of mergers, roll-ups, and distribution plays? The early returns suggests that Oath has some work cut out for itself.
  78. Netflix lured TV superstar Shonda Rhimes away from ABC
  79. How A.I. Is Creating Building Blocks to Reshape Music and Art
  80. All This Bitcoin Stuff Is Fake
  81. Bitcoin cash plunges as investors look to dump their coins
  82. Should We Ban Bitcoin to Curb Illegal Activities?
  83. Howard Marks, who has called past market bubbles, says ‘I don’t understand what’s behind bitcoin’
  84. Bitcoin and the Uniform Commercial Code (Jeanne Schroeder)
  85. New Civil and Criminal Consequences for ‘Revenge Porn’
  86. Secret Service agent, corrupted by Silk Road case, cops to second heist: Shaun Bridges, who already was given 71 months in prison, awaits a new sentence.
  87. American accused of faking eBay sales to fund US terror pleads guilty: It’s “first known time ISIS had given money to someone in the US for an attack.”
  88. The quiet war against ownership: A major conflict is shaping up between the owners of smart devices and the companies that produced them.
  89. Digital provisions turn farmers into hackers: Canada’s strict digital lock provisions mean farmers and other businesses cannot fully benefit from the market access provided by trade agreements.
  90. How The DMCA’s Digital Locks Provision Allowed A Company To Delete A URL From Adblock Lists
  91. Should Social Media Sites Be Forced To Pull Pastor Calling For War With North Korea?
  92. Why Everyone Is Hating on IBM Watson—Including the People Who Helped Make It
  93. Disney wants to make a huge shift in its business model — but it’s not ready to do it yet: Streaming movies to consumers is one thing. Streaming sports is something else. Bob Iger will wait on that one.
  94. Disney’s Building Its Own Netflix. Everyone Else Might, Too
  95. Disney and CBS mark milestones in streaming’s march to conquer cable
  96. Netflix, Disney In “Active Discussions” About Streaming Rights To Future Marvel, ‘Star Wars’ Films
  97. Netflix should be afraid of Disney’s OTT play
  98. Star Wars and Iron Man may not disappear from Netflix in 2019 after all: Netflix and Disney are still having “active discussions.”
  99. Ted Sarandos: Netflix’s Content Budget Will Ascend To $7 Billion In 2018
  100. The Messy, Confusing Future of TV? It’s Here
  101. Facebook’s original video platform will launch with Mike Rowe, MLB, and more: The new Watch platform will nurture original series and themed shows.
  102. Facebook Defeats Lawsuit Over Failure to Remove User Pages–Cross v. Facebook (Eric Goldman)
  103. Facebook Defeats Another Case Over Not Removing User Comments–La’Tiejira v. Facebook (Eric Goldman)
  104. Facebook’s Hate Speech Policies Censor Marginalized Users
  105. How Your Phone Number Became The Only Username That Matters
  106. Patreon will help fans pay their favorite artists more than $140 million this year: CEO Jack Conte explains what’s next — and why he really, really hates the term “tip jar” 
  107. SpaceX is launching a supercomputer to the International Space Station: “If this experiment works, it opens up a universe of possibility.”
  108. AI and CGI will transform information warfare, boost hoaxes, and escalate revenge porn
  109. If an AI creates a work of art, who owns the rights to it?
  110. Nokia’s New Phone Ushers In The Unfortunate Era Of The ‘Bothie’
  111. Mr. Nice Guy: Instagram’s Kevin Systrom Wants To Clean Up The &#%$@! Internet.
  112. Your Instagram Posts May Hold Clues to Your Mental Health
  113. Instagram photos reveal predictive markers of depression (Andrew Reece & Christopher Danforth)
  114. Appeals court: Lawsuit over wrong info on Spokeo should move ahead – Search site must face allegations that it broke fair credit reporting laws.
  115. Giving Legal Effect to Emails – Can Emails Satisfy the Requirements to Extend Limitation Periods Under The Limitations Act?
  116. Great minds moji alike?
  117. We’re rewiring the Internet for freedom.
  118. Re-Shaming the Debate: Social Norms, Shame, and Regulation in an Internet Age (Kate Klonick)
  119. Golf App Uses AI To Account For Wind In Making Distance Calculations
  120. Robot Umpires Advocated By Chicago Cubs’ Ben Zobrist
  121. Update gone wrong leaves 500 smart locks inoperable: Fatal error leaves customers scrambling for fixes that can take a week or longer. 


  1. The Chilling Effects of Openly Displayed Firearms: Charlottesville marks a new era of even bolder assertion of the right to threaten violence for political purposes.
  2. Lions denounce use of their logo by racists at Charlottesville rally
  3. Taylor Swift Spoke Up. Sexual Assault Survivors Were Listening.
  4. Kesha and Taylor Swift Find New Voices
  5. Taylor Swift’s Best Comebacks During Her Cross-Examination at Her Sexual-Assault Trial
  6. Jury Sides With Taylor Swift Over DJ In Groping Case
  7. The Kardashian Decade: How a Sex Tape Led to a Billion-Dollar Brand
  8. Hollywood’s China Money Heartbreak: Is the Love Affair Really Over? – Billions have been thrown into turmoil as Chinese regulators crack down on investments, Paramount’s backer skips a payment, and both Trump and some Dems adopt a protectionist stance.
  9. DC’s transit agency rejected ads touting the First Amendment (really): The DC transit agency banned “issue ads.” It hasn’t gone well.
  10. Bob Murray To Court: The ACLU Is Too Biased To File Its Brief
  11. Court Sends John Oliver, HBO Back To State Court To Fight Bob Murray
  12. Trademark Injunction Issued Against Print-on-Demand Website–Harley Davidson v. SunFrog
  13. White-on-White Trademark Usage Might Constitute Initial Interest Confusion–Agdia v. Xia (Eric Goldman)
  14. Five Reasons NOT to Register Your Trademark
  15. Lawsuits against media outlets are piling up
  16. How Royalty Exchange Has Transformed the World of Music Publishing
  17. Songwriter Groups Hit Out At RIAA For ‘Betrayal’ Over Moral Rights Issue
  18. AMC Theaters Is Not Happy About the New Super Cheap MoviePass Service
  19. The protection of the ‘eco-friendly’ Falabella bag by Stella McCartney in a recent decision of the Court of First Instance of Milan
  20. HBO hackers release Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes: HBO reportedly offered hackers $250,000 as a “stall tactic.”
  21. HBO Owns Itself in Latest Game of Thrones Leak
  22. Public Consultation on Reform of the Copyright Board of Canada Launched 
  23. How Canada Can Use NAFTA’s IP Chapter to Level the Innovation Playing Field (Michael Geist)
  24. No Time for Tinkering: How a “more progressive” NAFTA could break the vicious circle of global inequities in the ownership of knowledge (Ariel Katz)
  25. Intellectual Property in a Renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement: A Canadian Perspective
  26. Danish University And Industry Work Together On Open Science Platform Whose Results Will All Be Patent-Free
  27. Tracking the spread of culture through folktales: Genomic, geographical, and cultural data join forces.
  28. How Jeff Koons, 8 Puppies, and a Lawsuit Changed Artists’ Right to Copy 


  1. Good Politics, Bad Policy: Melanie Joly Sends TV Licensing Cancon Decision Back to the CRTC (Michael Geist)
  2. The Future of Canadian “TV”
  3. Trump Cribbed His Charlottesville Press Conference Straight From Fox News
  4. Fox News Host Files SLAPP Suit Against Reporter Who Exposed His Sexting
  5. Alex Jones’ Infowars supplements are overpriced, mundane vitamins – watered down: BuzzFeed reports results after sending supplements to an independent lab for testing.
  6. How a Conservative TV Giant Is Ridding Itself of Regulation
  7. Ajit Pai accused of conflict for helping former client, a prison phone company: Pai should recuse himself from inmate calling decisions, prisoners’ advocate says.
  8. FCC giving special help to right-wing TV news company, Democrats allege: Pai is helping Sinclair expand its reach into TV-owning homes, lawmakers say.
  9. FCC Begins Weakening The Definition Of Quality Broadband Deployment To Aid Lazy, Uncompetitive ISPs
  10. FCC faces backlash for saying Americans might not need fast home Internet: Everyone should have fast home Internet and mobile access, commenters tell FCC.
  11. New FCC Broadband ‘Advisory Panel’ Stocked With Telecom Consultants, Allies & Cronies
  12. GOP lawmakers shamed on billboards for trying to repeal net neutrality rules: Republicans want a “slower, censored, and more expensive Internet,” group says.
  13. FCC seemingly forgot about a net neutrality complaint filed against Verizon: There’s only been one formal net neutrality complaint, and FCC hasn’t ruled on it.
  14. One Man’s War Against Verizon’s Long History Of Lies, Anti-Competitive Behavior, And Nonsense
  15. Mozilla Study: Zero Rating Isn’t The Miracle Broadband Duopolies And Facebook Pretend It Is
  16. Broadband ISP Cox Will Now Charge You $50 More To Avoid Usage Caps, Overage Fees
  17. The Nation’s Telcos Are Hemorrhaging Customers Because They Refuse To Upgrade Their Networks
  18. Will radio kill the internet star?
  19. Newspapers Essential To Community


  1. US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website: Privacy advocates call warrant for IP addresses of 1.3 million people who visited inauguration protest website an unconstitutional ‘fishing expedition’
  2. Feds Demand ‘1.3 Million IP Addresses’ Of Visitors To Trump Protest Website
  3. Feds demand 1.3 million IP addresses of those who visited Trump protest site: DreamHost said the warrant is “a clear abuse of government authority.”
  4. We Fight for the Users
  5. DOJ Goes Way Overboard: Demands All Info On Visitors Of Anti-Trump Site
  6. Building America’s Trust Act would amp up privacy concerns at the border: Civil libertarians tell Ars they’re worried about “mass surveillance expansion.”
  7. Court Says CFAA Isn’t Meant To Prevent Access To Public Data, Orders LinkedIn To Drop Anti-Scraper Efforts
  8. LinkedIn Enjoined From Blocking Scraper–hiQ v. LinkedIn
  9. LinkedIn Connection Request Doesn’t Violate Non-Solicitation Clause—Bankers Life v. American Senior Benefits
  10. Tech companies, law profs agree: The Fourth Amendment should protect data – Filings argue support for convicted robber’s position in Carpenter v. United States.
  11. Russia’s ‘Fancy Bear’ Hackers Used Leaked NSA Tool To Target Hotel Guests
  12. Russian group that hacked DNC used NSA attack code in attack on hotels: Fancy Bear used Eternal Blue 3 months after it was leaked by a mysterious group.
  13. In Ukraine, a Malware Expert Who Could Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking
  14. Ukraine malware author turns witness in Russian DNC hacking investigation: “Profexor” turns self in to Ukrainian authorities, assists FBI in DNC hack investigation.
  15. Stories Claiming DNC Hack Was ‘Inside Job’ Rely Heavily On A Stupid Conversion Error No ‘Forensic Expert’ Would Make
  16. Court Tells Government Sticking FOIA Waivers In Plea Agreements Is Probably A Bad Idea
  17. Salesforce “red team” members present tool at Defcon, get fired: “Red Team” members were fired as they stepped off stage after presenting internal attack tool.
  18. Researchers report >4,000 apps that secretly record audio and steal logs: SonicSpy family of apps pose as benign programs. Behind the scenes, they spy on users.
  19. 3 Big COPPA Class Action Suits Prove Privacy Tsunami is Coming
  20. VIZIO Can’t Switch Channel on Consumer Privacy Complaint
  21. NAFTA, Trump and the cloud: What the negotiations mean for your personal data
  22. How My Instagram Hacker Changed My Life
  23. Researcher who neutralized WCry pleads not guilty to writing banking malware: Marcus Hutchins is accused of creating software that became the malware Kronos.
  24. Verizon—Yes, Verizon—Just Stood Up For Your Privacy
  25. “Pretty egregious” security flaw raises questions about Pacer: Is the service used by a million journalists and lawyers doing enough for security?
  26. Mr. Know-It-All: When Someone Melts Down In Public, Can I Record It? (Please?)
  27. Mental health and the media: when privacy trumps getting the story: At what point, when the initial story is over, do news outlets and social media need to continue to stalk, hound and dig for every tiny detail?
  28. Those Free Stingray-Detector Apps? Yeah, Spies Could Outsmart Them
  29. Former NSA Official Argues The Real Problem With Undisclosed Exploits Is Careless End Users