News of the Week; September 3, 2014


1. Game developer group condemns ‘morally reprehensible’ harassment

The End of Gamers

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Why Are Gamers So Angry?: The subset of entitled, belligerent gamers convinced that being ‘objectively’ right entitles them to defend their rightness by any means necessary is overwhelmingly male.

Saints Row developer: ‘Sarkeesian is right’

2. Australian Consumer Watch Dog Group Sues Valve Over Steam Refund Policy

3. Ban hammer: Korea’s game rating committee shuts down Facebook gaming

4. ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ Finally Gets R18+ Rating in Australia

5. Media Bias in Michael Brown Shooting Coverage Inspires Video Game

6. SWAT Team Detains Popular Gamer Who Was Live-Streaming ‘Counter-Strike’

7. Rhode Island Receives First Settlement Payment in 38 Studios Lawsuit

8. A New Madden Ignores and Confronts All the NFL’s Problems

9. Racism, Video Games, And The Ukraine: Teaching Children How Think About The World

10. Can buying video games make you happier? Science says yes

11. NYT Report: Twitch Has More Primetime Viewers Than E!, MSNBC, and Other Cable Networks

12. Why I Wrote a Book About an Obscure ’90s Computer Game: Many forces combine to shepherd a video game from conception to completion, but rarely are they acknowledged.

13. Destiny: behind the scenes of the world’s most expensive video game

14. 1st Video Game Patent (found by @gamerlaw)


15. Microsoft Continues Its Campaign Against A US Warrant Demanding Overseas Data

+  No, Microsoft Is Not Suddenly ‘Defying’ A Court Order To Turn Over Emails

16. The violent truth behind Reddit’s trolling problem

17. Investor Pavel Curda Dumped By Euro Accelerators After Sleazy Emails

18. Here’s What We Know So Far About The Celebrity Photo Hack

19. The Next-Generation Copyright Monopoly Wars Will Be Much Worse

20. How the Internet Saved Handmade Goods

21. Aaron Swartz’s Work, Computer Crime Law, and “The Internet’s Own Boy”


22. The Star Wars George Lucas Doesn’t Want You To See

Fans Reconstruct Authentic Version of Star Wars, As It Was Shown in Theaters in 1977

23. Why we’re living in the golden age of investigative journalism: Newspapers might be a dying breed. But investigative reporting on injustices around the world is prospering 

24. The Conservatism of Emoji (Luke Stark & Kate Crawford)

25. The Economics of Netflix: How to Make a $100 Million Show

26. Journalism and the internet: Is it the best of times? No — but it’s not the worst of times either

27. Can Outdoor Art Revitalize Outdoor Advertising?