News of the Week; June 25, 2014

1. Nintendo loses UK patent ruling to Philips

The indefiniteness of Father’s Day fun – Triton Tech of Texas v. Nintendo of America

After losing patent suit, Nintendo plans appeal

2. Social media class actions buy the Farm(ville): Ninth Circuit dismisses consumer claims against Zynga and Facebook for sharing user information with advertisers

3. Net neutrality the biggest issue facing games – Lanning

4. “Gamers are not criminals and they do not need DRM”

5. Spy Satellite Agency Wants to Utilize ‘Video game Technology’ for Improving Data Collection

6. Witcher 3 Design Documents Stolen, Leaked on Reddit

7. EA Looking Into Possible ‘False’ Bans in Battlefield 3

8. Ubisoft Comments on ‘Watch Dogs’ PC Mod

9. Ubisoft: Future Protagonists Will be More Diverse

10. How Making Games Helped Her Deal With Evil

11. How video games can affect adolescent brains

12. As game players diversify, developers start to rethink the stars of their games

13. Here’s how exploitative Minecraft servers can be

14. What Nintendo’s Top Game Creators Think Of Minecraft

15. EZK’s Take on Fair Use and Let’s Play Videos

16. Game software market to hit $100 billion by 2018 – DFC

17. IGDA: Over Half of Developers Surveyed Think Unions are a Good Idea

18. Crytek misses payroll for months – Report

19. Ubisoft responds to Quebec tax relief cuts

20. Xbox head on stand-alone Kinect: They’ll buy it

21. HB Studios: No licenses, no problem

22. How indie film financing could shape the future of games

23. What Are eSports? A Pro Videogaming Guide for the Rest of Us

24. Huh: School Offering Real League Of Legends Scholarship

25. The Kiss That Changed Video Games

26. How A Seemingly Impossible Game Is Possible

27. The five most disruptive ideas in video game design

28. Linden Lab is building a spiritual sequel to Second Life

29. Doing it wrong: World of Warcraft player grinds to max level by picking herbs in training level

30. Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo in Broadcasters’ Challenge

ABC v. Aereo (SCOTUS decision)

Statement from Aereo CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia on United States Supreme Court Decision

31. Canada’s New Trademarks Act Receives Royal Assent

32. Super Kat-Exclusive: here’s Commission’s draft White Paper on EU copyright

33. Of Course Tesla Wasn’t Just Being Altruistic In Opening Up Its Patents: That’s The Whole Point!

34. Chromebook Buyers Upset at Cutoff of Promised Free Data

Google gives $150 apology to Chromebook owners deprived of Verizon data

35. That Story You’ve Read About YouTube ‘Blocking’ Indie Artists… Yeah, That’s Not Accurate

36. (U.S) Supreme Court Recognizes Limits in Software Patentability

Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank (decision)

Computer-Implemented Inventions: Ideas That Are Fundamental Truths And Generically Implemented Are Not Patent Eligible

37. Bill S-4 Passes Senate, Despite Supreme Court Ruling Against Warrantless Access

38. Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones: (U.S.) Supreme Court Says Phones Can’t Be Searched Without a Warrant

39. Privacy and surveillance: 8 things every Canadian should know

40. House votes 293-123 to cut funding for NSA spying on Americans

41. British government ‘breaking law’ in forcing data retention by companies: EU directive overturned in April but UK continues to make telecoms and internet firms comply with legislation

42. Exposed: Massive mobile malware network used by cops globally

43. BuzzFeed is Watching You

44. Canadian Court Asserts the Right to Censor Google Results Around the World

45. Dating site violated Canadian privacy law by continuing to use former customer’s personal information without consent

46. The richest man in Vegas has declared war on internet gamblers

47. Rights holders can control resale of digital content that is not software, rules German court

48. The Disruption Machine: What the gospel of innovation gets wrong.

49. These Haptic Gloves Can Teach Your Brain Skills Even When You’re Not Paying Attention