News of the Week; April 24, 2013

1. EA Convinces California Court to Cancel ‘Edge’ Trademarks:

2. Can you sell second hand games legally? Should you? – Jas Purewal:

3. Film to be distributed via games console for first time:

4. Microsoft to pay Japanese Xbox owners with Points for a million hours of playtime:

5. Activision Buys Competition:

6. UK Interactive Entertainment CEO defends games as culture before EU tax investigation:

7. Video games may encourage healthy behavior:

8. Rutgers Player-Authors Survey:

9. Thrown for a Curve in Rhode Island:

10. A Breakdown of Canada’s Videogame Industry, the Third Biggest in the World:

11. IGDA Strongly Opposes CISPA

12. YouTube defeats Viacom copyright lawsuit – again:

+ Link to Viacom v YouTube District Court decision:

13. UMG Wins Copyright Ruling in Case Against Grooveshark:

14. PRIVACY AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE AGE OF BIG DATA – Report of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (House of Commons, Canada):

15. Ex-Google ad engineer fights back against advertisers with anti-tracking software:

16. Why You’ll Soon Be Paying Sales Taxes on All of Your Internet Purchases–Amazon v. NY Taxation Department:

17. The Google Shortcut to Trademark Law – Lisa Larrimore Ouellette: