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Kind piece on “Video Game Law” @ Flexible Learning site & some thank you’s

Link to: “Video Game Law” Offers Lectures and Rich Course Content Online | Flexible Learning Posting the article is just a good excuse to say thank you to a great number of people who encouraged and supported the current incarnations and experimentations of Video Game Law as a course. The order which follows is more or […]

News of the Week; April 24, 2013

1. EA Convinces California Court to Cancel ‘Edge’ Trademarks: 2. Can you sell second hand games legally? Should you? – Jas Purewal: 3. Film to be distributed via games console for first time: 4. Microsoft to pay Japanese Xbox owners with Points for a million hours of playtime: 5. Activision Buys Competition: 6. UK Interactive Entertainment CEO defends games as […]

Cafe where you can hire waitress to play with you

Cafe where you can hire waitress to play with you

I am always interested in cosplay cafes. Not only males can enjoy this kind of service, I also enjoy playing it with girlfriends. Indeed, when I was in junior high, I played RPG’s with my girlfriends. We discussed strategies and that was fun.

Greg Lastowka on Publicity Rights, EA & Ryan Hart

Greg Lastowka on Publicity Rights, EA & Ryan Hart

Terrific Gamasutra article which ties to the topics from Week 9 from Prof. Greg Lastowka of Rutgers Law School. He argues that EA should prevail in defending Ryan Hart’s legal action arising from not be compensated for use of aspects of his image in EA’s NCAA Football. As his title “The Erosion of Creative Freedom? […]

Virtual currency – Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Implosion: 5 Signs of an Investing Bubble: Bitcoin mining costs real world money:

“scripted” Issue on Post Mortem Privacy

scripted is a journal of law, technology & society available online. The most current issue has post mortem privacy as its theme, a subject that came up in class particularly in Week 5’s talk and thereafter. For anyone doing a paper trenching on the territory and indeed for anyone interested here is a direct link to […]

Andy Baio on Remix Culture & the Law

Andy Baio on Remix Culture & the Law

An interesting and articulate piece regarding the real world impacts of copyright on “remix” creators was recently posted. The talk was given in Portland in January by Andy Baio, a writer and coder who had some particularly interesting experiences involving litigation initiated by the photographer Steven Meisel. All of which relates directly to one of […]

News of the Week; April 17, 2013

1. ‘Free’ Web And App Games Investigated: + OFT’s investigation of UK free to play games and children: a step into the unknown?: 2. NJ Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Non-Existent ‘Mature Rated’ Public Arcade Games: 3. Antitrust complaint against Android is an attack on open source: 4. 56 percent of all patent lawsuits are made by […]

News of the Week; April 10, 2013

1. Zynga launches real-money online gambling, stock price surges: 2. Misogyny, Sexism, And Why RPS Isn’t Shutting Up: 3. Dancing girls and industry evolution: 4. Minecraft, Scrolls, 0X10C: The Past, Present and Future of Mojang as Seen Through Notch’s Eyes: 5. Sen. Dianne Feinstein Talks Guns and Games at San Francisco Gathering: 6. Video Game Lobby Steers […]

Torment game sets crowd-funding record: $4.2 million

Torment: Tides of Numenera, the sequel to popular Planetscape: Torment, set a record for video games earlier this week, raising nearly $4.2 million on Kickstarter. The sum was more than quadruple the funding goal by developer inXile Entertainment. Of course, this pales in comparison to the more than $8.5 million raised for new “console” system OUYA, another […]