Week 4

Jon’s Talk Jan. 23,2013: “Right to CREATe or Rights of Creation” Download the PowerPoint Slides Ian Verchere’s Talk: “Taking Games Literally: Games As Semiotic Domain” Download the PowerPoint Slides

Swedish Innovative Culture

Found these sites in my research for today’s class. Would welcome any other interesting links you guys might have.. Sweden: Link to actual Swedish Innovation Strategy Doc — Also interesting and on topic. It’s a bit older, but gives a sense of the landscape in 2008

Guest Speaker for 23 January 2013: Ian Verchere

Hello Colleagues, In preparation for our guest lecture on Wednesday, 23 January 2013, here is some information on our guest speaker: Ian Verchere is the co-founder and Chief Creative of the Vancouver-based video game production and development company Roadhouse Interactive.  Founded in 2009, Roadhouse specializes in games developed for browsers, social media, and mobile platforms […]


1. Have updated the Syllabus. 2. News of the Week up. 3. Check out Michela’s “What Is Your Take” entry on violence research. 4. Added a few more links to “Aaron Swartz RIP” 5. Talk 2 is up (thanks to UBC CTLT). Trying (& failing so far) to get Roch’s slides up. Thanks again to […]

News of the Week; Wednesday Jan. 16, 2013

1. Processing the loss of Aaron Swartz – Danah Boyd: 2. Researchers Find that Web Site Blocking Has No Long-Term Affect in Combating Online Piracy: 3. The Way Forward on Copyright Reform – Derek Khanna: 4. What to Watch for in Canadian Intellectual Property Law in 2013: 5. Copyright and Industrial Design Developments – 2012 (paper) – Glen Bloom, Barry […]

Asking the Wrong Questions and Looking in the Wrong Places – By Michela Fiorido

Obama calls for game violence research: It is truly baffling to me that people immediately jump to blame violent video games when a shooting happens and that now $10 million dollars will be spent on game violence research. What ever happened to plain old criminology? There are a myriad of other ways to explain […]

Week 3

Jon’s Talk Jan. 16, 2013: “John Milton Plays Grand Prix Legends” Download the PowerPoint Slides Roch Ripley’s Talk: “Video Game Law” Download the PowerPoint Slides

Moral rights and Harriette Potter

Interesting discussions today in class. Some thoughts and concerns: I find it quite reasonable to recognize copyright protections for expressions and NOT ideas. If the goal of copyright is to promote and encourage new works and the dissemination of these works, what would affording “exclusivity for a period of time” on an idea even look […]

For Roch Ripley’s talk during Discussion Hour this coming Wednesday

Roch has asked that I post the following links which will tie into a discussion of the evolution of copyright. Have a look: 1) Michael Geist Blog Posting: Why Canada is Keeping the Flawed Digital Lock Rules ( 2) Dr. Mihaly Fiscor, “MINIMUM OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE WIPO ‘INTERNET TREATIES’ TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE PROTECTION FOR TECHNOLOGICAL […]

Has the Video-Game Industry Lost the Gun Debate: What is Your Take

First check out:  How the Video-Game Industry Already Lost Out in the Gun-Control Debate by Ian Bogost. What do you think? How are real and virtual guns the same/different from the perspective of causality? Are they lines on a continuum or “apples and oranges”? Comments/critiques/thoughts? jon

Aaron Swartz RIP

Lawrence Lessig is a well deserved legend in digital media legal circles. See Prof. Lessig’s comments below, but before you do to better understand the background at least scan the introductory article (or many others like it you will find this morning on the web). Prof. Lessig’s comments go to one of the themes of […]

News of the Week; Wednesday Jan. 9, 2013

1. Father Hires In-Game “Hitmen” To Deter Son From Playing: 2. I was Adam Lanza (note links to parts 2 & 3 at bottom of article): 3. EMA Sends Letter to Vice-President Joe Biden Concerning Violent Media’s Role in Sandy Hook Shooting (Note that actual letter is embedded in the article): 4. EFF’s Guide to CDA 230: The […]

What goes into “News of the Week”

Here is where I’ll post links to stories raised in “News of the Week” segment of the class. Will also post links to other stories, whether they come up in class or otherwise. Hopefully the spirit to post interesting stories on video game law and what is related will move everyone to do some version […]

Latest stuff

1. Have moved Tyler’s post to What is Your Take. 2. Am about to try and get WordPress system to authorize students who provided email addresses to initiate posts. 3. Will try and get last classes News of the Week up tomorrow AM. Wish me luck as I explore and learn WordPress for the first […]