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Moral rights and Harriette Potter

Interesting discussions today in class. Some thoughts and concerns: I find it quite reasonable to recognize copyright protections for expressions and NOT ideas. If the goal of copyright is to promote and encourage new works and the dissemination of these works, what would affording “exclusivity for a period of time” on an idea even look […]

For Roch Ripley’s talk during Discussion Hour this coming Wednesday

Roch has asked that I post the following links which will tie into a discussion of the evolution of copyright. Have a look: 1) Michael Geist Blog Posting: Why Canada is Keeping the Flawed Digital Lock Rules (http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/6033/125/) 2) Dr. Mihaly Fiscor, “MINIMUM OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE WIPO ‘INTERNET TREATIES’ TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE PROTECTION FOR TECHNOLOGICAL […]

Has the Video-Game Industry Lost the Gun Debate: What is Your Take

Has the Video-Game Industry Lost the Gun Debate: What is Your Take

First check out:  How the Video-Game Industry Already Lost Out in the Gun-Control Debate by Ian Bogost. http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2013/01/how-the-video-game-industry-already-lost-out-in-the-gun-control-debate/267052/ What do you think? How are real and virtual guns the same/different from the perspective of causality? Are they lines on a continuum or “apples and oranges”? Comments/critiques/thoughts? jon

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