Product Placement in Video Games…Part 3

In part 2, I discussed commercial communication toward children and the potential impact if the communication was ideological. I was cynic about the possible success of an action from a creator if his/her work was modified by an in-game ad. But I must admit now that I am more optimist. The Moral rights in the […]

A.I.: What makes Human?

Exploration of identity of human has been a recurrent question.  I found that Ghost in the Shell (manga 1989; 1995 animated movie) illustrates well the though about human identity and AI when AI become aware of their existence. The main character has a human brain in a cybernetic body who works for a special anti-criminal unit. She has to stop the Puppet Master who has been […]

Product Placement in Video Games… Part2: Answers and More Questions

For some players, authenticity and realistic games go with brand, so without the brands  in them, the video games would seem odd. Gaming on consoles, PCs or mobile devices has gained popularity among the American and Canadian population. The age and gender distinction between the gamers is not as wide as it used to be; […]

Product Placement in Video Games

A brand could be placed in a video game for different reasons. Players want authenticity and request realistic games. Any digital goods displayed in a game can be based on a brand: cars, clothes, weapons, businesses, etc. Even in the dialogues, a brand might be mentioned. There is also the possibility for a celebrity to […]