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News of the Week; November 19, 2014

GAMES 1. Ubisoft’s Sneaky Scheme to Keep You From Seeing Bad Reviews + 3 Reasons Why Video Game Review Embargoes Are Particularly Anti-Consumer + Why didn’t Ubisoft do the right thing and delay Assassin’s Creed Unity? 2. No Dragon Age: Inquisition for India as EA pulls RPG: Local obscenity laws to blame, says EA 3. Assassin’s Creed Unity Criticized By Former French […]

Casual Gaming

Casual Gaming

I cannot class myself as a hard-core gamer, yes when I was younger I owned a play-station 2 and did play lots of formula 1 racing games among other things (I owned a steering wheel and pedals), but today I am part of that ever growing group many “real” gamers seem to dislike, the casual […]