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Week 8

Jon’s Talk Feb. 27, 2013: “From Wheelbarrows to Holodecks” Download the PowerPoint Slides Roxanne Christ’s Talk: “Online Gaming Meets Online Gambling” Download the PowerPoint Slides

News of the Week; Feb. 27,2013

   1. Make A Counterstrike Map Of A Montreal Metro Station, Get Threatened With $50,000 Fine: 2. Former FBI Profiler: Video Games Do Not Cause Violence: 3. Majority of Americans Believe Games Contribute to Violence: 4. Fear of a Woman Warrior: 5. Sony patent application measures load times to detect pirated games: 6. BFI to […]

Gambling in Games

Gambling in Games

I think back to my childhood of some of my favorite games and realize the concept of “chance” played an important role. In many games, the system is made to utilize random chance to extend playability. A game like World of Warcraft utilizes this in item/loot drops. Each enemy has a specified probability of dropping […]