November, 2013


News of the Week; November 27, 2013

1. NCAA sues EA over settlement with former players

2. Turbine Settles Lawsuit with Treehouse Avatar Technologies

3. Microsoft: ‘We plan to take care of customers’ with faulty Xbox Ones

4. Official Report Does Not Tie Sandy Hook Shooting With Video Games

5. Violent video games may stop crime by keeping criminals busy playing violent video games

6. Irish Male Teens Who Game Online Are More Social With Other Cultures

7. Playing Computer Games Together Makes Brains Feel and Think Alike

8. Blizzard dev apologises for attitude to over-sexualised characters

9. Popular iOS app QuizUp is full of security holes, fix on the way

10. Life Inside a PlayStation

11. Where Film Marries Video Game

12. New Cyberbullying  Bill Resurrects Many Police Powers From Scrapped “Lawful  Access” Bill

13. Beyond 3-D Printers’ Magic, Possible Legal Wrangling

14. MPAA Revenue Up 50% As “War on Piracy” Cranks Up

15. Pressure Mounts on Wireless Providers Over U.S. Surveillance Efforts

16. N.S.A. May Have Tapped Internet Cable Links

17. Twitter Toughening Its Security to Thwart Government Snoops

18. Microsoft To Encrypt Data Center Links; Says NSA Hacking Would Be Unconstitutional

19. The FISA Court’s Problems Run Deep, and More Than Tinkering is Required


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News of the Week; November 20, 2013

1.  Judge Certifies Athlete Class Suing the NCAA

2. Right-Of-Publicity Claims And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry

3. PS4 Beating Out Xbox One in ‘Purchase Intent’

4. PS4 defects are isolated incidents, says Sony

5. Someone In The Vatican Pirated ‘Football Manager 2013′ Creator Alleges

6. Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Ms. Male Character

7. EA, Sony Execs Say Nice Things About Used Games

8. Timothy Leary Plans a Neuromancer Video Game, with Art by Keith Haring, Music by Devo & Cameos by David Byrne

9. Papers, Please: A Video Game With No Shootouts or Theft—Only the Banality of Evil

10. Major Research Finds No Correlation Between Video Games and Behavioral Problems

11. No dice: Supreme Court declares Alberta privacy law unconstitutional in Palace Casino case

12. Manitobans get new privacy law, but no one to complain to

13. Judge Sides With Google on Book Scanning Suit

+ US Dist. Ct. Opinion

14. WikiLeaks publishes secret draft of Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty

+ Link to Draft of IP Chapter

15. EFF and Other Groups to NSA: Are You Spying on Our TPP Work?

16. Google Employees Speak Out About Government Spying

17. Law Professors Call for Public Process for Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Intellectual Property Chapter

18. LG Smart TV Caught Collecting Data On Files Stored On Connected USB Drives

19. Hacker Receives 10-Year Sentence for ‘Causing Mayhem’

20. Organization for Transformative Works submits comments on remix to PTO/NTIA

21. Online Retailer Says If You Give It A Negative Review It Can Fine You $3,500

22. Regulators See Value in Bitcoin, and Investors Hasten to Agree

+ Federal Reserve: While bitcoins hold “promise,” we have no regulatory authority

And in the “in case teens needed another reason to quit Facebook as lame” category:

Facebook Reasserts Posts Can Be Used to Advertise


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News of the Week; November 13, 2013

1. Huge Xbox losses hidden by patent royalties, says analyst

2. PSN: We Reserve the Right to Monitor and Record Your PSN Activity

3. 9 Ways Video Games Can Actually Be Good For You

4. Witness Blames Malicious Act on Oakland Public Bus on Video Games

5. XBox, Watch TV: Inside Microsoft’s Audacious Plan to Take Over the Living Room

6. The Massive Nintendo Paradigm Shift

7. $800 Minecraft Bill Leads to Felony Filing Against Ten-Year-Old

8. Xbox One and PS4 “too limited” for Oculus Rift creator

9. Helsinki: Picking the Right Acorns

10. Police need judge’s specific permission to search computers, Supreme Court rules

11. Judge rules that peer-to-peer file-sharing data isn’t private

12. WikiLeaks publishes secret draft of Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty

13. In Viacom v. YouTube appeal, law profs duel over copyright cop duties

14. Some thoughts on Chitrakar v. Bell TV and damage awards under Canadian privacy law

15. C.I.A. Is Said to Pay AT&T for Call Data

16. Google Is Ordered to Block Images in Privacy Case

17. User Generated Content Copyright Law Symposium Videos  (Osgoode IP & Technology Program, October 10, 2013)


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News of the Week; November 6, 2013

1. Zynga Wins ‘Scramble With Friends’ UK Lawsuit, But Must Alter Game’s Logo

2. Video game controller manufacturer Scuf Gaming files patent infringement claim against French competitor BURN controllers

3. Lewis v. Activision Blizzard

4. German Court Says MMOG Publisher Can Set Game Rules, Regardless of Consumer Rights Legislation

5. Nintendo says this amazing Super Mario site is illegal. Here’s why it shouldn’t be.

6. Nintendo disables Swapnote/Letter Box over “offensive material”

7. UK retailer offering ROM-based retro game cartridges

8. Updated privacy policy outlines Xbox One Kinect data protections

9. German Researchers Find that Playing Games Improves Brain Functions

10. The wonderful and absurd story of “Minecraft”

11. EA: “We don’t want to be viewed as the worst company in America”

12. Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned “Rockstar” sues Google

13. Apple: Governments asked us for data on over 2K accounts and 36,464 devices in last 6 months

14. A warning for websites allowing data collection for online behavioral advertising

15. SEC unanimously approves proposed crowdfunding exemption rules

16. Google Glass Milestone: Driver Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass

17. What Does It Mean To “Own” Digital Art?


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