February, 2014

News of the Week; February 26, 2014

1. King Drops “Candy” Trademark Battle in U.S.; Other Trademarks Unaffected

2. International Trade Commission Sides With Nintendo in 3DS Patent Infringement Case

3. Gearbox sues 3D Realms, Interceptor over ‘unauthorized use’ of Duke Nukem

4. Zynga Beats IPO Lawsuit

5. That’s a Bingo: GSN Gobbles Up Bash Gaming, Ending Lawsuit

6. Court Orders GAME to Pay Back-Rent

7. 11 Times Video Games Led to Lawsuits

8. Does Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik deserve a PS3?

9. Sony Blows Past PS4 Target, and Developers Are Leaning Its Way, Too

10. Twitch broadcasting comes to Xbox One

11. Viral Video: Nostalgia, Memes and Anarchy Collide in Twitch Plays Pokémon

12. The Oculus Rift Will Work for Movies, Too. Eventually.

13. Did the Video Game World Have its Own Manti Te’o Scandal?

14. EVE graphic novel based on real player stories out now

15. EVE, offline: how do you archive a universe?

16. EVE: The Most Thrilling Boring Game in the Universe

17. King’s IPO is no Royal Flush

18. Study: Video Game Training Can Make Better Baseball Players

19. Can Dating an Avatar Improve Real-Life Relationships?

20. Video game play may provide learning, health, social benefits, review finds

21. In a First for Spain, a Woman Is Convicted of Inciting Terror Over Twitter

22. Copyright Board of Canada on Copying a Few Pages: It’s Insubstantial and Not Compensable

23. Fair use is a trademark concept as well

24. How the TekSavvy court decision will help shut out copyright trolls in Canada

25. Intellectual Ventures starts PAC to lobby for patent trolls

26. Surprise! Apple and Samsung Still Don’t Agree to Agree.

27. How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

28. Data privacy, machine learning and the destruction of mysterious humanity

29. Can Privacy Be Saved?

30. ‘The Wild West of Privacy’

31. Obama Administration Responds to Net Neutrality Petition, Reaffirms Support

32. Comcast Versus the Open Internet

33. Netflix packets being dropped every day because Verizon wants more money

34. Americans say they’d dump a carrier that slowed their Web traffic

35. Netflix is paying Comcast for direct connection to network

36. The FCC’s new net neutrality plan draws skepticism, pessimism, and fear

37. The Netflix-Comcast agreement isn’t a network neutrality violation, but it is a problem

38. Facebook Price for Having No Phone OS? $19 Billion. A Must-Have Apps Play? Priceless.

39. The Fall Of Intrade And The Business Of Betting On Real Life

40. Kids May Be Leaving Facebook, but They Love YouTube


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News of the Week; February 19, 2014

1. IGDA criticizes King’s “predatory” trademark tactics

2. Valve DNS privacy flap exposes the murky world of cheat prevention

3. Digital resale rights in the EU: the state of play

4. Time for Some Traffic Problems… In Your Video Games!

5. Women are gamers, but largely absent from “e-sports”

6. The Plight Of Iranians Trying To Make A Video Game About The 1979 Revolution

7. What makes video games addictive?

8. Indie is the new punk – Vlambeer

9. Clash of Clans daily revenue at $5.15 million – Hacker

10. King files for $500m IPO on NYSE

11. EA: You Can Only Rate Our Dungeon Keeper App If you Give It A Perfect Rating

12. EA Deploys The Comcast Defense: ‘It Only Sounds Like A Lot Of Complaints Because We Have So Damn Many Customers’

13. How Will the Oculus Rift Change Game Design?

14. Another Big Month for Sony Game Console

15. NBA execs on the power of video games

16. How Passion Killed and Revived a 20-Year-Old Indie Game

17. Tulsa Oklahoma Looking To Place Video Game Stores Under Same Regulations As Pawn Shops

18. Disruptions: Using Addictive Games to Build Better Brains

19. The Psychology of Gamification: Can Apps Keep You Motivated?

20. Can Playing Video Games Help With Dyslexia?

21. Flappy Bird: What lessons can be learned?

22. Flappy Bird fallout: Apple, Google rejecting apps with the word “flappy” in the title

23. Google’s Ingress Players Are Crazy. Here’s the Video to Prove It.

24. Is the Internet Good or Bad? Yes.

25. The Terrible Toll of Secrecy

26. The Day We Fought Back

27. Spying by N.S.A. Ally Entangled U.S. Law Firm

28. ‘Copyright needs a dramatic rethink for digital realm’

29. Hyperlinking is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules

30. The Australian Law Reform Commission officially recommends adoption of fair use

31. People-Powered Publishing Is Changing All the Rules

32. How Free Speech Online Is Enabled By Not Blaming Websites For The Actions Of Their Users

33. Social Media, a Trove of Clues and Confessions

34. Internet Trolls Really Are Horrible People: Narcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic


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News of the Week; February 12, 2014

1. Valve Wins German Lawsuit Concerning Used Digital Games Sales

2. Modchips now legal in the EU (as long as they’re not naughty)

3. U.S. Gaming Content Spending Topped $15.39 Billion in 2013

4. Original Dungeon Keeper Creator Calls New Mobile Game ‘Ridiculous’

5. Oculus VR Will Co-Publish Space Shooter EVE: Valkyrie

6. Gaming Minds Search for the Sweet Spot Between Physical and Virtual Worlds

7. Flappy Bird Soars, Then Disappears, Along With a Weekend

Flappy Bird Fallout: Piracy, Clones and eBay Auctions

29-Year-Old Flappy Bird Creator Says Guilt Made Him Shut Down His Game: It Became ‘Addictive’

8. Why Indie Developers Go Insane

9. UMass Studies The Positive Effects of Casual Games

10. League of Legends developer promises it’s not a patent troll

11. Report: EA is Manipulating the Ratings for Free-to-Play Dungeon Keeper Game

12. Inside the Epic Online Space Battle That Cost Gamers $300,000

13. Amazon Boosts Gaming Cred With Acquisition of Double Helix Games

14. Games still seen as “social ill” but there’s opportunity in education – Hawkins

15. Why the Fighting Game Community is Color Blind

16. Twitch Beats Out Facebook and Amazon in Online U.S. Traffic

17. Life is a game. This is your strategy guide

18. Cisco Jumps Into The Fray: Fights Rockstar Consortium Patent Lawsuits

19. Court sides with T-Mobile, bans AT&T’s Aio Wireless from using magenta color

20. The Day the Internet Didn’t Fight Back

21. What happens with digital rights management in the real world?

22. Twitter Rejects NSA Agreement, Demands More Transparency

23. Turks bid farewell to the Internet in the face of brutal censorship/surveillance law

24. When Facebook’s Terms Of Service Decide What Kind Of ‘Speech’ Is Okay, Activists Get Silenced

25. Surveillance and Canada’s lagging law

26. Tim Berners-Lee: we need to re-decentralise the web


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News of the Week; February 5, 2014

1. U.S. District Court Dismisses GTA Online Class Action Lawsuit

Grand Theft Auto online delay not actionable

2. GTA V tops 32m shipped as Take-Two’s Q3 profits hit $578m

3. Blizzard sues Hearthstone clone developer

4. Someone Files Fake ‘Express Abandonment’ on Watch Dog Trademark, Ubisoft Fights Back

5. Pennsylvania’s Fact-Finding Commission on Video Games and Violence Fails to Find Facts

6. Violent video games may affect moral judgement in teens

7. Sony data breach case stripped down but not gone

8. Does the CJEU ruling in Nintendo and Others v PC Box Srl raise serious implications for device manufacturers?

9. Funcom: We Are Cooperating with Authorities in Insider Trading Investigation

10. The Squalid Grace of Flappy Bird

11. Well Played: volume 3 number 1

12. Games and the Public Domain

13. Keyboards, Kickstarter and Copyright Law: Elite Systems under fire

14. Video games, Down’s syndrome and my brother – a personal story

15. Digital Video Games and International Interactions

16. Struggling Zynga to Buy Mobile Game Maker

17. Remember Me developer files for bankruptcy – reports

18. Nintendo Buys Back 9.5 Million Shares for $1.13 Billion

19. Why Nintendo Won’t Give Up on the Wii U’s GamePad

20. Street Fighter II: An Oral History

21. CRA confirms its view of bitcoin transactions

22. Government of Canada tables five significant intellectual property law treaties

23. Tech startups: A Cambrian moment

24. Has the FCC Chairman Solved the Net Neutrality Quagmire?

25. LinkedIn claims breach of contract by bot users

26. Does Bitcoin Matter?

27. How DeepMind’s artificial intelligence will make Google even smarter


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